New coating solution enabling recyclable paper packaging

LOCTITE LIOFOL HS 2809-22 RE – a heat sealable coating for primary and secondary packaging applications

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When it comes to the overall recyclability of a packaging, the choice of packaging substrates is typically being discussed. As a leader in adhesives and coatings for the packaging industry, Henkel is working closely with their partners along the value chain to develop solutions that are both sustainable and functional.

After launching its RE range that is “designed for recycling,” the portfolio has been expanded with LOCTITE LIOFOL HS 2809-22 RE. The innovative heat seal coating opens up new and sustainable design possibilities by enabling the replacement of Polyethylene (PE) with paper for primary and secondary packaging applications of both food and non-food.

New coating in support of the circular economy for paper packaging


Enabling new and sustainable packaging designs

LOCTITE LIOFOL HS 2809-22 RE supports the transition from PE-based to recyclable paper-based packaging, thanks to its excellent compatibility (repulpability) with paper recycling.

Versatile solution for food and non-food applications

LOCTITE LIOFOL HS 2809-22 RE is suitable for a wide range of both food and non-food applications – from hygiene products to chocolate overwraps and tea bags, and even for industrial hardware pouches. 

Excellent repulpability, sealability and flexibility of paper

The coating recyclability has been tested and received the best rating by independent and accredited institutesIt also provides good flexibility to paper substrates. In the production the coating maintains highest levels of heat seal strength even under high machine speeds. Its sealability to itself and against paper is excellent by maintaining low seal temperature initiation.

Sofidel and Henkel – Redesigning packaging with an innovative and sustainable coating solution


Sofidel, a globally leading manufacturer for tissue paper, was looking for a more sustainable primary packaging for its toilet paper brand Regina by redesigning it by replacing the PE film with a paper wrap. The company turned to Henkel for a solution. 

Working closely with converters, Henkel ran a series of tests applying LOCTITE LIOFOL HS 2809-22 RE on paper for Sofidel. The coatings matched all the requirements of Sofidel and is now used as the heat seal grade for Sofidel’s recyclable toilet paper packaging and considered for all new packaging developments in paper. Building on this success, Sofidel is expanding the use of this package to other European markets and for other products in its range.

“We are extremely pleased with the collaboration and support from Henkel. Their innovative solution and unique approach to problem solving have made our aim of creating a more sustainable primary packaging for our products a reality,” says Marco Iriti, Research & Development Manager at Sofidel.

REthink packaging design with recyclable solutions

In order to take a big step towards a true circular economy, we cannot continue to do everything as we have done in the past. Because real and sustainable revolutions need change – and enabling the recyclability of packaging plays an important role. That‘s why Henkel Packaging and Consumer Goods Adhesives is putting everything to the test: formulas, products, previous manufacturing methods, design processes, disposal solutions and materials.

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