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Medical Tape Adhesive Solutions

For products being used in the medical industry, high-quality and a trouble-free performance are essential. Henkel offers adhesives for medical applications in all technologies: solvent - and water-based adhesives as well as rubber-based and UV hotmelts. You can count on a global product line with regional technical support and our own analytical testing facilities.

From nicotine to hormones and pain relief, it’s hard to imagine a world without convenient medical patches, and non-irritating medical adhesives that are safe for use on skin are in high demand. With almost 60 years of experience in pressure sensitive adhesives, expert technical service, complete regulatory support, and manufacturing capability in North America and Europe, Henkel has the experience, resources, and expertise to make your medical tape project a success.

DURO-TAK, LOCTITE®TECHNOMELT®, and AQUENCE® – with over 30 years in the medical market, these brands are the foundation of both our current product portfolio and future innovations for pressure sensitive adhesives for medical applications.

Contact a member of our team today to find out more about our Medical Tapes adhesive solutions.

Product Solutions

Henkel’s pressure sensitive adhesives for medical applications are approved in over 50 unique commercial patches marketed in the Americas, Australia, Mainland China, Europe, India, Japan, and Korea. We offer different adhesives for medical tape applications that help meet the challenges in the modern medical field. Find out more about our product portfolio below.

Benefits of TECHNOMELT® PSM Range

  • Clear adhesive for medical tapes and plasters
  • Moderate to high skin adhesion – for comfortable medium-term wear
  • Good adhesion under moist conditions
  • Careful selection of raw materials – subject to detailed safety assessment

Benefits of AQUENCE® Water-based Adhesives PS Range

  • Excellent skin adhesion
  • Good anchorage to cloth face stocks
  • Good breathability
  • Manufactured in Europe and North America

Benefits of LOCTITE® DURO-TAK Solvent Acrylic Adhesives

Low tack:

  • Gentle adhesion for sensitive skin areas
  • Breathable
  • Approved for skin contact applications (ISO 10993)

Medium tack:

  • Balanced adhesive properties on skin
  • Good anchorage to different carriers used in medical applications
  • Breathable
  • Approved for skin contact applications (ISO 10993)

High tack:

  • Very high tack grade
  • Good breathability
  • Approved for skin contact applications (ISO 10993)
  • Recommended for wound care materials
  • Manufactured in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific

LOCTITE® DURO-TAK UV Acrylic Adhesives

  • Good balance in shear and peel
  • Good processability
  • Good anchorage to PU films and non-woven substrates
  • Manufactured in Europe and North America

Henkel provides an extensive range of product solutions for the following application areas:

Wound Dressings

Wound dressings encompass materials used for the covering and protection of a wound. This may include the use of a sterile pad in applications such as island or other surgical dressings meant to absorb, exudate, repel bacteria, and prevent infection. Applications also include securing an IV or catheter to the patient’s skin.

Henkel is providing a full range of medical-grade adhesives for skin application. This includes medical grade hotmelts, water-based, solvent acrylic as well as UV acrylic adhesives for skin contact. These products offer excellent adhesion while being gentle to the skin, secure anchorage to different carriers used in medical applications, and good breathability.


Bandages and compresses are used to protect a wound generally with layers of gauze attached by pressure sensitive adhesive to a facestock of either woven fabric or a variety of plastic. This includes a range of high-performance pressure sensitive adhesives for medical applications as well as medical grade acrylic adhesives for skin contact.

Henkel is your experienced partner, offering high-grade PSA hotmelts, water-based, and solvent acrylic adhesives that combine anchorage to various medical substrates with clean removability and good breathability.

Medical Tape

Medical tape can be used directly on the skin either supporting the placement of bandages, tubes, or other medical devices. Facestocks for medical tapes can include paper, plastics, foams, or various fabrics. Henkel's portfolio in this field comprises hotmelts and water-based adhesives for medical tape applications.


Electrodes are designed to measure electrical impulses within the body that can be used to aid in the diagnosis of a variety of medical conditions. The electrode is constructed using a foam, coated paper or plastic type material coated with skin safe adhesive.

For these and related applications Henkel is offering a full range of pressure sensitive adhesive solutions for medical applications, including hotmelts and solvent acrylic adhesives for electrodes.

Ostomy Care

An ostomy refers to the surgically created opening in the body for the discharge of body waste. Ostomy care adhesive products are coated constructions designed to firmly attach to the skin creating a lasting and strong barrier for the ostomy prosthetic device.

Common applications include care products for colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy conditions. As your experienced partner, Henkel is offering reliable and high-performance pressure sensitive adhesive solutions for ostomy care.

Herbal Plaster

The Henkel adhesive solution for herbal plasters has a variety of excellent properties, which increases the safety level of the plaster and makes it easier for consumers to use it whenever they want. Henkel’s adhesive solution reduces the risk of allergic reactions and inflammation such as redness and itching. It protects delicate skin, is easy to peel off, and leaves little residual on the skin after use. In addition, Henkel’s adhesive solution for herbal plasters is durable and sweat resistant. It can be customized in different colors and has passed the ISO 10993 certification with excellent quality assurance.

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