LOCTITE Structural Adhesive Enables Reliable Motor Performance in Challenging Environment

Customer Challenge

  • A new motor design to be used within a demanding, high temperature/high humidity environment required a capable adhesive for magnet retention on surface permanent motors. 
  • Previous motor designs leveraged an adhesive for magnet bonding that, while proven and highly effective, does not deliver the heat and humidity resistance this application required. 
  • Processing speed was also a consideration, and the customer wanted a high-speed solution consistent with existing adhesive performance while simultaneously delivering heat and humidity resistance capability. 

Customer Requirements

  • The adhesive has to withstand high operating temperatures of up to 135° C and relative humidity as high as 95%.
  • High volume magnet to shaft bonding processing necessitates a structural adhesive that can be automatically dispensed and cured quickly.
  • Long-term reliability of the motor is essential to ensuring dependable function, reducing warranty claims and protecting customer brand equity.  

Henkel Solution

  • Henkel’s technical team worked with the customer to evaluate the performance of various adhesives.  Utilizing advanced testing and analysis technologies at a Henkel design center, results confirmed that universal structural bonding formulation LOCTITE HY 4090 outperformed all products tested in terms of strength under high temperature and humidity. 
  • While the customer metrics were challenging, LOCTITE HY 4090 exceeded those criteria, showing excellent strength at temperatures as high as 150° C and at 98% relative humidity.
  • From a processing perspective, LOCTITE HY 4090 also delivers advantages.  The two-part material is easily automated and provides fast fixturing times between 90 and 180 seconds. 
  • Once material analysis and qualification were confirmed, Henkel helped the customer facilitate seamless transfer to its motor manufacturing facility.  The motors are now being used in-application and performing as expected.

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