Discover New Assembly Methods With LOCTITE that Will:

  • Decrease production costs
  • Reduce assembly time
  • Improve product reliability
  • Lower warranty claims

We will conduct a line audit, provide training for your team on new assembly methods, and recommend process improvement solutions leading to cost savings.

In-Plant and Online Services

In-Plant Line Survey

An audit of your manufacturing process to help identify process improvements leading to cost savings.

In-Plant Seminars

Training to instruct your team how adhesives can reduce costs and improve product quality.

Cost-Saving Solutions

Reliable, proven cost-saving solutions. Dispensing options that can increase efficiency and quality & reduce waste.  

Online Training

Digital training designed to help you streamline your production through the use of LOCTITE adhesives. 

LOCTITE Services Help Design and Assembly Teams:

  • Increase process efficiency
  • Reduce work in progress
  • Reduce manufacturing cost
  • Improve throughput
  • Increase quality and reliability
  • Automate manual processes       

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