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When it comes to vehicle body repair, you need the best tools at your disposal. Rebuilding OEM textures is crucial. TEROSON MS 9320 SF rebuilds that same quality and visual appearance, avoiding corrosion caused by environmental factors, and reproducing all kinds of OEM textured beads. Truly the frontrunner in collision repair.

Save up to 25% of Rebuild Time*

TEROSON® MS 9320 SF along with recommended application dispenser can rebuild all OEM finishes - directly off dispenser - allowing for fast and efficient applications:

  • No primer required
  • No manual process
  • No additional masking-time
  • No long waiting time for skin formation

*based on an average time of 120Min/repair

A Solution for Each Challenge

With over 120 years of history, TEROSON enables professionals to transform damaged vehicles and return them to pre-crash standards.


Common tasks that involve rebuilding OEM seams, metal or plastic parts. Rebuilding is a time- and resource-saving alternative to replacing parts.


Structural damage requires cutting out old parts and replacing them with new ones. High-strength, structural bonding power is needed


Small repair tasks e.g. broken bumper clips, or components of similar complexity

Discover the Full Range

TEROSON has a line of specific solutions for Collision Repair: bonding, coating, sealing, acoustics, stiffening and reinforcing. These solutions are reliable. They are safe. They last. They improve efficiency. And they are simple to use.