Collision Repair

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With over 120 years of history of transforming damaged vehicles and returning them to pre-crash standards, we would love to share our accumulated knowledge and expertise to help you improve your vehicle repair work.

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A Solution for Each Challenge

With over 120 years of history, TEROSON enables professionals to transform damaged vehicles and return them to pre-crash standards.


Common tasks that involve rebuilding OEM seams, metal or plastic parts. Rebuilding is a time- and resource-saving alternative to replacing parts.


Structural damage requires cutting out old parts and replacing them with new ones. High-strength, structural bonding power is needed


Small repair tasks e.g. broken bumper clips, or components of similar complexity

Discover the Full Range

TEROSON has a line of specific solutions for Collision Repair: bonding, coating, sealing, acoustics, stiffening and reinforcing. These simple to use solutions are reliable, safe, durable and efficient.

Meet our Heroes - Turn your Plastic Repairs into Smart Repairs


All paintable, plastic car parts can be repaired quickly and cost effectively with our Plastic Repair range. TEROSON PU 9225 SF ME is a 2-component, fast-curing, repair adhesive. It is typically used for repair tasks on paintable interior and exterior plastic parts, in particular for smaller damages such as scratches or holes in bumpers, spoilers, aprons, etc.

Plastic Repairs Done Easy

Super fast-curing plastic repair adhesive:

  • Recommended for repair areas smaller than 7 cm
  • Superior adhesion on plastics (use adhesion promoter TEROSON® 150)
  • Excellent sandability
  • Improved health & safety due to micro-emission properties
  • Overpaintable with all car paint systems (use adhesion promoter)


There are numerous plastic parts on, and in, any type of vehicle. Most of the time the repair itself is rather uncomplicated. However, depending on the adhesive and application method, your repair time and results may vary. LOCTITE 3090 is a
2-component, fast-curing, gap-filling adhesive with excellent bonding characteristics, making it suitable for a variety of substrates incl. plastics, rubbers and metals.


Most versatile adhesive in your toolbox. LOCTITE HY 4070 is a 2-part, transparent, colourless to pale yellow, cyanoacrylate/acrylic hybrid, universal bonder. Provides fast fixture at room temperature in bond gaps up to 5 mm. It works well on various substrates including most plastics, rubbers, and metals. It is used where a complete cure of excess adhesive as well as temperature and moisture resistance is required.

Demonstrations and Training With our Experts

Through industry-leading application processes and practical solutions, we support you and your team in expanding your skills with hands-on training in your workplace.

How To Buy Henkel Collision Repair Products

Find out different ways to purchase TEROSON and LOCTITE industrial products and services.


Intro To Collision Repair

Fixing cars isn’t what it used to be –and that’s a good thing! In this course, you will learn what is needed to transform damaged vehicles back to their original shape and be introduced to the three main ways to do so: Rebuild, Replace and Repair. The chapters vary from 5 to 15 minutes. When you complete them all, you get an official certificate that can be easily shared on LinkedIn. Enjoy the learning journey.