Removing LOCTITE® red threadlocker can be difficult, and it’s a common vehicle maintenance question. While the strength of our red threadlockers is formidable, and meant to be a permanent assembly method, don’t believe the myths: red threadlocker can be disassembled with the right technique.

The process of knowing how to remove red threadlocker is a little different than for other threadlockers. The key is to apply localized heat greater than 250°C (550° F). Then, once the threaded assembly is hot, the bolt can be unthreaded. Without applying heat to the assembly, some bolts threaded into tapped holes risk breaking.

The ideal placement of red threadlockers is on bolts ranging from 1/4″ to 3/4″ diameter for some of the following areas:

  • Bearing caps
  • Motor mounts
  • Suspension bolts
  • Heavy duty equipment area

Commonly Asked Questions:

Below are some of the common ask questions we receive from customers about how to best remove the red threadlocker:


Is it possible to remove red LOCTITE® without heat?

When the threads are locked, even the most aggressive solvents are unable to weaken a red threadlocker due to the limited surface area for the solvent to attack. Only by using heat can you penetrate and remove red LOCTITE® threadlocker in an assembled joint.

How to clean and remove red LOCTITE® threadlocker from threads?

When a threadlocked bolt is disassembled and needs to be reused, the cured red threadlocker will need to be removed from the threads. The cured red LOCTITE® product can be removed with a combination of soaking in a solvent and mechanical abrasion such as a wire brush. For female threads, a tap can be used to clear the threads instead of a wire brush.

What will dissolve red LOCTITE®?

LOCTITE® SF 790 Chisel Paint Stripper or LOCTITE® SF 7601 Equipment Flushing Solvent can be used to soften cured red LOCTITE®. Mechanical abrasion will also be needed to assist with the removal.

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