Automakers face the complex challenge of meeting increased consumer expectations for comfort, while integrating lightweight material that can be less effective at blocking or deadening noise. This makes material solutions to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) more important than ever across the automotive manufacturing process.    

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NVH Solutions

Henkel is a leading innovator in cutting-edge NVH solutions. With expectations of vehicle NVH performance only growing, Henkel offers a range of high-quality products to help manufacturers better address the challenges of improving vehicle comfort. Find out more about our entire line of noise, vibration, and harshness solutions below.

Acoustic Sealant Tapes

For automotive manufacturers, noise reduction tapes are not simply material afterthoughts in the production process, but essential components of an automobile. Henkel’s acoustic sealant tapes help block noise from traveling through the smallest gaps between metal sheets to small- to large-sized gaps between metal panels.  

NVH Tapes

Our two-dimensional NVH tapes go through an extrusion process that is customized for the unique thickness needed for the part. Once extruded, they are formed into simple straight lines or die cut into unique shapes that fit specific vehicle locations.

Henkel’s NVH tapes can be formed into straight strips or die cut into unique shapes based on vehicle application need.
Henkel’s acoustic tapes are tacky expandable materials that seal large gaps between 5 and 20 mm in between panels to form a sound absorbing barrier to improve NVH performance.

Body Shop Sealant Tapes

Body shop sealers are multi-functional in nature, preventing not only sound from entering the vehicle, but also water, dust and air. Available in both pumpable and extruded forms as a weld through seam sealer or for non-weldable application areas, our body shop sealers provide high wash-off resistance, high elasticity, corrosion resistance and are available with or without expansion.

Henkel’s extruded and pumpable body shop sealants seal small gaps between metal sheets <5 mm, with expansion between 15 to 200%.
Body shop sealers are single component, rubber-based or rubber and PVC blend-based material found between spot welds and seams.

Acoustic Sealing Baffles

Henkel’s acoustic sealing baffles consist of heat-reactive sealers applied to a nylon or steel carrier, which is precisely positioned to ensure the right amount of sealer is applied in exactly the right location.

The sealer material expands with exposure to heat in the paint shop bake ovens, forming a complete seal of the cavity cross sections where they are applied. Ideal for large-sized cavities, greater than 25 mm, Henkel’s acoustic sealing baffles can achieve a variety of expansions from one single material, reducing tooling costs and improving design and manufacturing flexibility.

Future Acoustic Sealing Baffles will both densify and re-seal, reducing the opportunity for voids.
Acoustic sealant baffles form a complete seal across large-sized cavities, greater than 25 mm, to effectively block noise paths.

Sound Damping & Deadening Materials

Sound deadening materials such as sound deadening insulation and automotive acoustic insulation help to reduce noise, vibration and harshness within the vehicle. Henkel’s acoustic sound barrier material includes insulation  specifically designed to deaden external sounds.

Liquid Applied Sound Deadener

Spray on sound deadening materials combine easy and quick application with effective noise reduction in key areas such as vehicle doors, roofs and floor assemblies. Liquid Applied Sound Deadeners contribute to weight reduction by replacing heavier bitumen pads and are applied through spray application for increased precision, speed, and improved cleanliness, while removing the need for tooling or part design.

Learn more about our Industrial Sealants here and Industrial Coatings here.

Applied on e-coated cabin floor and roof to reduce noise generated by the powertrain and wheels.

Anti-Flutter & High Damping Foam Solutions

Henkel’s simulation-based engineering helps ensure our anti-flutter foam and high damping foam technologies achieve maximum automotive sound deadening insulation with minimal use of product. This is particularly important as thinner material is introduced exposing exterior panels, such as vehicle doors and roofs, to unwanted movement from wind resistance.

Anti-flutter foam helps limit the movement of the outer panels, while high damping foam eliminates the need for a bitumen pad and further dampens the movement of the exterior panels. Our ultra-soft anti-flutter material is used to ensure the avoidance of adhesive read-through to improve the overall quality of application.

Application of High Damping Foam on vehicle substructure
Anti-flutter Foam and High Damping Foam join thin outer panels to substructures to prevent wind resistance and unwanted noise.

Acoustic Damping Patches

Henkel’s acoustic damping patches are self-adhering, non-reactive sound deadening patches based on butyl rubber with aluminum foil or plastic on the visible surface. Effective against structure-borne noise vibration resulting from metal and plastic components, Henkel’s acoustic damping patches are increasingly important as body panels become lighter, reducing the ability to block noise.

The technology is well-suited for vertical and inverted applications with typical uses in vehicle doors and roofs and in some cases the floor pan and wheelhouse.

Acoustic Damping Patches consist of a TEROSON rubber layer sandwiched between the metal substrate and constraint layer.

Other Industrial Applications

In addition to automotive applications, a number of other products also other high-performance industries. For instance, noise, vibration, and harshness sealants and tapes are also important materials for the aerospace, marine, agricultural machinery production industries. They are also found in consumer goods such as washing and dryer machines as well as other products that require noise and vibration damping materials. For this reason, Henkel’s product line of NVH solutions are easily extendable to a host of applications.

Further Resources

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