Henkel supplies a broad range of BONDERITE® cleaners that help metal processors increase efficiency and lower operating costs. BONDERITE® industrial degreasers and cleaners are simple and efficient to use while significantly improving users’ sustainability. A complete range of alkaline, neutral and acidic cleaners ensure that there is a BONDERITE® product for every cleaning requirement. Formulated to serve a wide range of industrial  applications in spray and immersion cleaning, our catalogue includes both solvent and non-solvent based products suitable for use on all surface types. Made to efficiently and quickly remove all types of oil, grease, particles, and dirt, our neutral cleaners offer a long bath lifetime, low operating temperatures and an excellent cleaning efficiency at low operating temperatures as well as in hard water environments.

Henkel’s line of industrial cleaners are suited for various applications across the automotive, aerospace, transportation, defense, electronics, construction, electrical, shipbuilding industries, as well as others, with tailored solutions that promote machine efficiency, longevity, and safety,  Our portfolio of products is found across the globe, working hard to keep your factory or plant operating efficiently and optimally. 

From industrial metal cleaners, neutral cleaners or alkaline cleaners through spray and immersion cleaning - the Henkel portfolio is providing the perfect solution for your specific needs. Henkel also offers a line of electrical and general industrial cleaners such as descalers, graffiti removers, maintenance cleaner, floor cleaners, as well as special additives like defoamers, to meet specific requirements.

The Henkel portfolio featuring LOCTITE® and BONDERITE® cleaners has been developed and improved over decades of close interaction with our researchers, suppliers, and customers. You can rely on our technology range and know-how because it's been tried, tested, and proven over many years to be a success.

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Neutral Cleaners

Neutral cleaners are cleaning agents that fall between eight and ten on the PH scale, providing a non-acid, non-alkaline cleaner that is safe to use in environments where aggressive cleaning products are not an option.

Industrial metal cleaners are often used in interprocess cleaning which is mainly intended to remove unwanted materials and contaminations from preceding production steps before moving on to the next one. Think of the removal of dust, metal particles, or lubricants coming from processes like machining, grinding, cutting, or stamping. Neutral cleaners provide temporary corrosion protection of the metal components to ensure highest parts quality for further downstream processes. In case a higher corrosion protection level is required for longer storage or transport times, the BONDERITE® rust preventatives and corrosion inhibitors coatings can be applied on the components after cleaning.

Henkel’s BONDERITE® cleaner portfolio includes a broad range of neutral cleaners for different application processes, such as immersion cleaners, spray cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners as well as solvent cleaners, but also metal cleaners optimized to work foam-free in high-pressure systems.

Industrial Degreasers

Industrial degreasers are often used as a first step of metal pretreatment processes as a preparation for subsequent surface treatments, like conversion coatings and painting, by removing dirt, protective oils, or oxides.

This cleaning step is crucial for the overall performance of the production process and the corrosion resistance of the product. Therefore, maintaining the cleaning system in an operational and effective state is essential. For such processes typically alkaline cleaners are the first choice, but also acidic cleaners or neutral descalers can be used for certain applications. Henkel’s broad expertise in cleaning operations across various industries is available for you to help you identifying the optimal product choice for your application.

Learn more about Henkel's industrial degreasers

Industrial Maintenance Cleaners

Maintenance cleaning guarantees the technical functionality of existing production facilities like power plants and oil refineries, but also vehicles and other machines. This includes not only cleaning industrial heat exchangers, filters, pipes, engines, and pumps, but also cleaning vehicle exteriors, interiors, floors, and graffiti removal.

Henkel also offers special product ranges for the remanufacturing industry for refurbishing of industrial components like heavy engines or railway components. The BONDERITE portfolio offers a wide product range of environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products for these industries, and more.

Mold Release Cleaners

Henkel’s range of mold release cleaners allow you to clean and remove buildup from molds of all shapes and size, promoting safer and more efficient work processes and ensuring cast parts are of the highest quality. Formulated to clean a range of materials without dulling the surface or damaging your mold, these products can be applied both pre-and post-process to ensure equipment is always clean and ready to use. 

Henkel’s LOCTITE® and BONDERITE® Cleaners

Henkel’s LOCTITE® and BONDRITE® products are the key to clean and safe working environments across a broad range of industries. Our innovative and reliable industrial degreasers, neutral cleaners, and industrial cleaners deliver uncompromising performance to enable you to keep machinery and equipment in use for longer.

We ensure easy access to technical information and resources so you can identify the right product for your specific applications, sector, and industry. We offer comprehensive support to enable you to learn more about our innovative cleaning solutions and how they can help you.

Resources for Industrial Cleaners

For more information on any of cleaning products, including corrosion inhibitor coating and mold release agents, contact Henkel today and speak with one of our technical advisors.

Browse our range of products and download the technical data sheet of to learn more relating to the specific properties, compatibility, and application of each cleaning solution. 

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