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Establishing a European footprint to serve aerospace manufacturers

It has been forecasted by aerospace manufacturers that global demand for new aircrafts will be as high of 40,000 units over the next two decades.

As the worldwide fleet of commercial airlines doubles by 2035, airlines will need to work with adaptable manufacturers who can guarantee short delivery times, rapid reactivity, efficient logistics supply chain and quality traceability.

By establishing Montornès as our centralized aerospace hub in Europe, Henkel builds upon an over 40-year record of local manufacturing excellence and a continually improving supply chain solidly backed by state-of-the-art automation technology. Our resource-efficient processes also ensure reliable high-volume output while adhering to the highest sustainability standards.


Henkel aims to make Montornès its main European hub for the aerospace industry as the company gears up to serve this massively growing demand from OEMs stemming from the enormous pressure on them to fulfill market needs.

Keeping in mind the five-digit production backlog for lighter and energy-saving aircrafts, Henkel planned from the beginning of the Montornès expansion project to build sufficiently large warehouse and production capacities to support those market trends.

Aerospace customers will be able to count on Henkel's deep knowledge and multi-sector technical expertise in optimizing adhesives and resins for the fabrication of industry-leading composite materials, honeycomb structures and metal surface treatment.

Author: Susana Martin

Channel Manager

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