The Most Versatile Adhesive For Your Line

In design and assembly, the need for lightweight design that’s fast and efficient to assemble is critical. And every added step means delays in production. Current fastening solutions – including epoxies and acrylics – are slow to cure and material-specific, which means that parts often have to be put in a staging area to build up strength before they can be taken to the next assembly process step. 

HY 4090 is the adhesive that solves many of those problems. HY 4090 bonds to almost any material, including plastics. And bonds them faster than epoxies and MMAs. It builds high performance strength as fast as 90 minutes. With good thermal and environmental durability, it’s the most versatile assembly bonder on the market.

HY 4090 is the only adhesive you may ever need. It provides one versatile, lightweight, efficient solution for assembling parts that keeps your production line moving. 

The Problems with Epoxies and Acrylics

  • Limited range of materials they can assemble
  • Perform poorly on plastics
  • Slow fixture time
  • Take longer to reach maximum strength build
  • Take longer to cure in cold temperatures
  • Can’t cure through gap quickly


  • Bond multi-material
  • Fixture and cure fast
  • Build strength fast

LOCTITE HY 4090 Universal Bonder is a breakthrough in structural bonding, formulated to meet the rising demands in assembly design and production. 

See How HY 4090 Helped One Business Expand Their Designs

Joker FX credits LOCTITE® with helping them expand their designs, add new assembly techniques and deliver more, faster. See their story.

We’ll review your design and assembly methods and processes and recommend solutions for making them more efficient.

LOCTITE Universal Bonders Resources

Learn more about how LOCTITE can help you meet today's assembly challenges.

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