Industrial Adhesives

Optimal adhesion for any products made from any material

If you're tasked with improving your product or process, look no further than Henkel Adhesives. Industrial adhesives are used to bond various substrates via adhesion (surface bonding) and cohesion (internal strength). LOCTITE® brand industrial adhesives are designed to aid in the manufacture of components and materials. These innovative industrial adhesive products are formulated to withstand severe impact and peel forces, provide high sheer strength, and offer excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Our industrial adhesives include hot melt adhesives, instant adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, threadlockers, structural adhesives and more, to deliver optimal performance, convenience, and reliability no matter your industry or application need.

High-quality industrial adhesion and bonding materials are essential for any project. Henkel has spent decades developing dependable adhesive products that are trusted across the globe. Our team can recommend the perfect industrial adhesive product that meets your requirements for strength, flexibility, environmental conditions, viscosity, sustainability, and more. And, thanks to our worldwide presence, you will receive a consistent, quality product no matter where you are in the world.

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Optimize Your Manufacturing Process and Design Options Using Adhesives

Since bonding was first established as an industrial joining method alongside other techniques such as welding, soldering, and riveting, a large amount of research, development, and engineering work has been carried out to create the best industrial adhesive solutions.

Using industrial adhesives as an alternative to mechanical fastening, welding, and other joining methods can help your business achieve a competitive advantage. If you’re looking to reduce overall manufacturing costs, increase product reliability, or performance and operating life, then it’s time for you to integrate adhesives into your design, manufacturing, and assembly process. Find out more below about all the industrial adhesive products LOCTITE® has to offer.

Anaerobic Adhesives

Our anaerobic adhesive and sealants are some of our most used products and are available for a wide range of applications. Anaerobic adhesives work by completely filling gaps between components. They are typically used to augment the seal or holding force of a mechanically joined assembly.

Anaerobic adhesives remain liquid until isolated from oxygen in the presence of metal ions. Though anaerobic applications differ widely, in most cases the adhesive provides high shear strength and temperature resistance. Anaerobic adhesive compounds fixture in minutes at room temperature and fully cure within 24 hours. Full cure of anaerobics may be achieved more rapidly using short-term exposure to heat (e.g. 30 minutes at 120°C).

LOCTITE® anaerobic adhesives include threadlockers, thread sealants, retaining compounds, and gasket sealants.

Types of Adhesives

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