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Grouting every piece of machinery and equipment in an industrial environment requires a suitable foundation and mounting system to reduce vibrations and misalignment. Pumps, generators, compressors, conveyors, pulverizers, mills, fluid drives, turbines, and more must all maintain proper support and permanent alignment in order to provide optimum performance and low operating costs.

Industrial grout materials fill large gaps and provide protection for floors and other surfaces as well as stability for engines and other heavy equipment. LOCTITE® grout products deliver durability, high compression strength, and long use lives while allowing for quick and efficient application required for superior results in floors and other structural elements. 

Our grouting materials offer features such as:

  • Non-shrinking  
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Designed for high torque loading
  • Temperature resistant -20 °F to +225 °F (-30 °C to +105 °C).
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Self-levelling application 
  • Stronger than concrete  

Ideal for use in any heavy-duty application where durable, large gap filling is required, high strength grout uses span much further than construction. Grouting materials may also be found in marine environments where water resistance and fast-setting compounds are critical. Additionally, deep pour formulas and the high strength of grouting products from Henkel deliver superior structural support in wide range of areas. 

Learn about the grout products we offer and ask industry specific questions about this type of adhesive by contacting a member of our team. 

The LOCTITE® Grout Materials Product Line

High-quality epoxy and cement grouts from Henkel offer a broad range of advantages to users in any application. This means our compounds can deliver a combination of properties required to ensure they perform as expected in any environment—from concrete gap filling and anchor bolt installation to waterproof sealing and marine caulking.

Offering deep-pour application alongside fast setting times, Henkel’s epoxy and cement grout products offer the following properties to deliver maximum efficacy in any application.

Epoxy-Based Grouts

Epoxy-based grouts and sealants are extremely flexible and versatile, offering high levels of water and compression resistance when compared to conventional grouting compounds. This allows epoxy grouts to be used effectively in marine environments, as well as wet rooms or other areas where moisture and water are present. Fast cure times and extremely high strength also mean it can be used as a gap filler or repair material in high pressure environments and busy areas. Our epoxy grouting material also includes high-strength epoxy grout for especially challenging applications as well as epoxy grout sealer for sealing applications

High-Strength Grouts

High-strength epoxy grouts are critical where compression strength and secure installation are needed. In order to effectively address the challenges of industrial grouting needs, Henkel has develop high-strength grouts that are well-suited for heavy-duty applications.

Fast Setting Grouts

LOCTITE® fast set grouts are self-leveling and non-shrinking which are important for the effective installation of certain types of machinery and the setting of anchor bolts. LOCTITE® fast set grouts cure quickly and can be poured up to 1” thick. Our fast set grouts have high compressive strength and chemical resistance superior to concrete.

Deep Pour Grouts

Designed as a deep pour grouting solution, LOCTITE® Fixmaster deep pour grout delivers effective cavity filling of up to 6 in. (150 mm) deep. Additionally, LOCTITE® deep pour grout’s self-levelling formula ensures it can be used in hard-to reach areas such as under rails and sole plates as well as in applications where manual tooling may be impossible.

Construction Grout

High-strength construction grout is an integral material in a variety of industries. Whether high-strength construction grout is used in new construction or repair, these grouting compounds must be fast and easy to use as well as extremely durable. Used extensively within the construction industry, as well as in any type of facility repair, these versatile materials are highly adaptable to your specific requirements. 

Anchor Bolt Grout

Anchor bolt grout is a critical component for anchoring threaded rods, bolts, rebar dowels, and smooth dowels into concrete, grout-filled blocks, and other non-reinforced masonry. LOCTITE® anchor bolt grout HP delivers superior strength and durability once cured, helping to ensure any anchor bolt installation is safe and highly secure. Curing of this product occurs at room temperature after mixing. Typical applications include seismic anchoring and bracing as well as for grouting dowel bars and tie bars in full-depth concrete pavement repairs.

Marine Chocking Compound

LOCTITE® marine chocking compound is recommended for the installation of main motors and other equipment. Its high compressive strength enables it to withstand maximum loads. Typical applications of marine chocking compounds include installation of main motors, drive motors, winches, hoists, and deck mounted equipment.

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