What Are Thermal Management Materials?

Thermal management materials are a range of different product types designed to effectively dissipate heat in electronic applications. They are composite systems that enable efficient heat transfer within components.

These solutions perform various functions within components. This includes carrying heat away from the components that generate it (also known as dissipating heat), offering stress relief from thermal cycling, providing electrical insulation, filling gaps, and offering long-term stability within components. 

Thermal management materials have an important role to play as electronic devices become increasingly powerful and generate more heat. Without effective thermal management, manufacturers can face: 

  • System reliability drops
  • Product performance failure
  • Limited design advancement potential
  • Degradation over time

Why Use Henkel Thermal Management Solutions?

Henkel’s LOCTITE® Bergquist® brand thermal solutions control heat within multiple applications, enabling optimal performance and extending device lifetime across a range of industries and types of product.

Multi-award-winning formulations in various mediums allow Henkel to provide thermal management materials that offer essential heat dissipation for applications within numerous markets. These include automotive, consumer, telecom/datacom, power and industrial automation, computing, and communication, among others.

As electronic systems integrate more capability into increasingly challenging, complex designs and compact footprints, efficient heat control is necessary. Doing so effectively allows you to maximize performance and limit heat-related failures within devices. 

Henkel’s LOCTITE® Bergquist® thermal management materials, including GAP PAD® brand gap fillers, SIL PAD® materials, phase change materials, microTIMs, LIQUI FORM products, and thermal adhesives tackle today’s toughest thermal control challenges. Manage heat more effectively every step of the way with a thermal management material suitable for any and every application.

Benefits of Thermal Management Materials

Henkel’s innovative thermal management solutions portfolio is designed to address and dissipate potentially damaging heat across many applications. Each is unique, and the requirements are dependent on your specific needs. But they offer some common benefits, which include:  

  1. Effective thermal management and dissipation in electronic devices 
  2. Maintaining the performance of powerful tech
  3. Extending lifespan of components and devices
  4. User friendly and intuitive
  5. Suitable for a wide range of industries and applications 
  6. Diverse choice of product types, from pads to gels

Find Thermal Management Products

At Henkel, we offer a wide range of thermal management materials for use in every application. Read below to discover the full range and find the right thermal solution for your needs, or for more information, download product-specific technical data sheets (TDS), safety data sheets (SDS), and restriction of hazardous materials sheets (RoHS).

Selecting Thermal Materials

Thermal management materials from Henkel are designed to fit a wide range of applications. But depending on what you’re manufacturing, the type of interface material you need will differ. Selecting the right thermal management solution is key to: 

  • Optimizing heat dissipation
  • Extending the life of components
  • Upholding performance of devices
  • Eliminating the risk of failure and performance drops

Selecting the right thermal management material for your application depends on several factors, including: 

  • Heat dissipation requirements
  • Adhesive qualities needed in assembly
  • Whether a solid or liquid is more applicable
  • The size of the gap that needs to be filled
  • Gap topography and surface
  • Component stress level requirements
  • Physics, including application temperature and structure

Knowing the requirements in your application for each of the above can help you decide whether you need a resin, liquid, or solid-state thermal management solution and whether pads, liquids, adhesives, tapes, or films are the right thermal product for use in your assembly.

For more information on how to select the right thermal interface materials, check out our guide on selecting the right thermal material for your needs.

Explore Applications

Henkel’s extensive thermal management portfolio facilitates heat dissipation for improved performance in numerous applications across a huge range of sectors. 

Thermal interface materials for automotive battery thermal management, power electronics, 5G infrastructure, and data centers, consumer devices, and many other electronics applications deliver essential cooling for optimized functionality in devices of all shapes and sizes.

You can use thermal management materials to efficiently manage heat in applications including, among many others: 

  • Between semi-conductors and heat sinks
  • CPU assembly processes
  • In power supply devices
  • Cooling in memory devices and hard drives
  • ADAS and EV automotive batteries
  • Heat pipe assemblies
  • Between heat sinks and power converter PCBs and GPUs
  • Bonding heat spreaders and motor controls

Resources for Thermal Management Materials

Find the right thermal management solution for any application with our thermal interface materials selection guide. Or browse the full range of thermal management materials with the Bergquist® brochure to find out more.

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