UV Adhesives/Light Cure Adhesives

LOCTITE® ultra-violet light cure adhesive products are used in the production of glassware, glass furniture, acrylic glass, and for the optical industry and medical technology fields

LOCTITE® UV adhesives are preferred by manufacturers for their high transparency and exceptional stability, even in difficult environmental conditions such as humidity and sunlight.

Choosing the Right Light Cure Adhesive

To choose the right UV adhesive, consider the photoinitiator system in the adhesive: UV-only or UV-plus visible. Then determine transmission characteristics of the substrate. If the substrate transmits visible light but not UV light (that is, is UVopaque), you cannot use a product that contains only a UV photoinitiator; a visible light photoinitiator must be present in the product.

If the substrate transmits both UV and visible light, any source will cure a product, although the main concern is speed of cure, which is related to light intensity.

UV Cure Adhesive Benefits

Henkel’s UV adhesives are utilized in a number of industrial processes because of their excellent properties, including speed of cure and exceptional stability. These and other benefits have made Loctite products the UV cure adhesive answer of choice for prominent manufacturers around the world.

Light Cure Decision Tree


UV Cure Adhesive Solutions for Medical Devices

Under the LOCTITE brand, Henkel offers a spectrum of high-performance, light curing medical device UV adhesives, specifically developed for use in the production of medical equipment and items such as syringes, catheters, and blood filters. These UV cure adhesives are tested with the same techniques used in the licensing of medical components, and are certified in accordance with the generally accepted global ISO test standard 10993.

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