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Features and Benefits


Frekote 1711 silicone mold release agent offers superb release properties, choice of finish, and excellent part detail to meet your specific molding requirements. All of these solvent based products can be applied to steel, aluminum, epoxy, ceramic and flexible mold surfaces.
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Documents and Downloads

Technical Information

Application Method Spray, Spray
Color Clear, Clear
Finish Reflection Gloss: High Gloss, Gloss: High Gloss
Full Cure Temperature (°C) 25, 25
Full Cure Temperature (°F) 77, 77
Full Cure Time 60, 60 sec., sec.
Key Characteristics Evaporation: Solvent Evaporation, Evaporation: Solvent Evaporation, General Purpose, General Purpose, Release: Sacrificial Release, Release: Sacrificial Release, Solvent Based, Solvent Based
Physical Form Aerosol, Liquid, Liquid
Recoat Time 60, 60 min., sec.
Substrates Epoxy, Epoxy, Resin: Thermoset Resin, Resin: Thermoset Resin
Temperature Range (°C) 20 to 60, 20 to 60
Temperature Range (°F) 68 to 140, 68 to 140
Thermal Stability (Maximum) (°C) 260, 260
Thermal Stability (Maximum) (°F) 500, 500