Features and Benefits

BONDERITE C-NE 320 BF is a boron free, mildly alkaline cleaner formulated for cost effective cleaning of precision parts in power spray washers. BONDERITE C-NE 320 BF is designed for a wide temperature range and operations where splitting of oil is preferred. It contains a synergistic blend of corrosion inhibitors which provide in-process rust protection on ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Its’ unique composition of alkalinity, corrosion inhibitors and detergents provides a robust cleaning solution for today’s modern washer systems.
BONDERITE® C-NE 320BF delivers "best-in class" cleaning performance while leaving your components and washer environments residue free. The unique "Boron-Free" formulation was designed for high pressure/low foam precision cleaning/gauging for vacuum drying applications. BONDERITE® C-NE 320BF offers the customer a wide range of temperature controls from (ambient - 160)f to help reduce heating demands, utility costs, and environmental footprints.
  • Designed for vacuum-dry & traditional washer applications where low residue tolerance is a priority
  • Wide temperature range, ambient to 160°F
  • Compatible with heat treatment processes
  • FANUC Robot Approval
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