LOCTITE® NS 5550 Extreme Temperature Sealant

Features and Benefits

LOCTITE® NS 5550 is a thermal reactive, fibrous paste sealing compound used in high temperature/high pressure applications.
LOCTITE® NS 5550 is a thermal reactive fibrous paste sealing compound that is used in high temperature and high pressure applications. In the presence of heat, LOCTITE NS 5550 will cure to form a seal. It will not permanently join the flanges together and will not interfere with future repairs of metal-to-metal joints. This product is typically used at temperatures up to 1,500°F and seals up to 345 bar (5,000 psi) with correctly designed flanges.
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Technical Information

Applications For High Temperature Applications
Color Brown
Cure type Heat Cure
Gap fill 162.0 mm
Operating temperature -40.0 - 1500.0 °F (-40.0 - 815.0 °C )
Viscosity, 20 RPM 2000000.0 mPa·s (cP)