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Known as Almeco Seal NF-1 Nickel-Free Cold Seal

Features and Benefits

BONDERITE® M-NT NF-1 MU ANODIZING SEAL, BONDERITE M-ED NF-1 Replenisher and BONDERITE M-ED NF-1 Additive are liquid concentrates which have been formulated to consistently produce a high quality seal on anodized aluminum in the 95-110F (35-43C) range, when the bath is followed by a relatively short immersion in a hot water seal bath with a smut suppressant at 180-195F (83-91C). The BONDERITE M-ED NF-1 process contains no heavy metals. Not only does this eliminate heavy metal waste treatment problems, but tendencies of coatings to have a greenish cast from absorbed nickel salts are eliminated, as the BONDERITE M-ED NF-1 bath is virtually water-white. Both clear and electrolytically colored anodized aluminum can be sealed using this system.The BONDERITE M-NT NF-1 MU ANODIZING SEAL bath may be used for an extended period of time without dumping, provided that certain maintenance techniques and controls are implemented. Primarily, this involves maintaining good quality water in rinses prior to and after sealing and properly maintaining the seal tank itself by filtering and ensuring proper chemistry of the bath. Filtering of the bath is recommended for longer tank life. Certain contaminants, such as phosphates, cannot be tolerated and if present will shorten bath life.
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