No matter your challenge, when it comes to a vehicle's interior, Henkel has you covered. Our TECHNOMELT® and AQUENCE® range of adhesives is ideal for laminating and bonding all types of interior components including door panels, displays, dashboards, headliners, cockpit and instrument panels as well as seat trim. For structural and flexible bonding of interior components, our TEROSON® product series offers solutions for a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics, glass and textiles. We offer solutions for corrosion protection, coating, weight reduction, cleaning and lubrication, too. And, when efficiency is critical, you can leverage our range of high-specification application equipment.

Typical Automotive Interior Applications

Looking for a solution a specific problem? We can help with these common automotive interior challenges:

TECHNOMELT and AQUENCE Lamination Adhesives
Door panels, headliners, cockpit and instrument panel, seat trim

TEROSON Structural Bonding Adhesives
Displays, dashboards, electronic panels

TEROSON HDF High Damping Foam
Acoustic insulation

LOCTITE Optical Bonding Solutions
Optical bonding for displays

BONDERITE Metal Pre-Treatment Solutions
Corrosion protection for metal structures with pre-treatment, coating solutions

Learn more:

Designing the Vehicle Interior of the Future

In the future, our vehicles will be much more than just daily transportation. They'll function as our living rooms and offices, too. Join us in South Carolina to learn more about the adhesives that will make the vehicle interiors of the future possible.

Improving Vehicle Displays for the Connected Car

As demand grows for enhanced safety, convenience, and comfort in cars, so does the demand for automotive displays. At Henkel, we've developed a number of solutions that can give displays improved clarity and contrast, make them lighter, more rugged, and more reliable.

Our automotive display solutions include:

  • Structural adhesives that can be used on single or two-component, elastic or toughen, UV heat or moisture cure systems
  • Single component LOCTITE liquid optically-clear adhesives designed to achieve high performance-bonding for cover lenses, touch panel sensors, direct bonding, and assembly in applications with multiple substrates or unique, curved designs

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