Showcasing an expansive portfolio of materials – assembly adhesivesthermal management materialscircuit board protection products, underfillsencapsulantssolder systems and advanced inks and coatings – the Automotive Electronics division of Henkel has become a leading supplier to the world’s top automotive electronics designers and manufacturers. Henkel offers innovative materials that enable efficient automated assembly as well as superior performance and reliability over component lifetime. Automotive systems that are safety critical enable autonomous driving or enhance driver/ passenger comfort rely on Henkel solutions, and include electronic control units, sensors & small electric motors (actuators), radar, LIDAR and camera modules, displays as well as wire harness systems.

Discover the wide range of automotive electronics solutions that Henkel provides:

With recent innovations in automotive electronics especially Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems driven by increasing customer demand and regulations for safety and comfort, component manufacturers require materials that meet high reliability and performance requirements of the automotive industry. Thanks to its extensive portfolio of adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings, Henkel’s support brings key innovations. Additionally with the GAP PAD®, Gap Filler®, SIL-PAD®, phase change, thermal gel, and adhesive selections within the BERGQUIST® and LOCTITE® portfolios, thermal management material choices and customization are unrivaled. Henkel employs a dedicated team of industry-leading experts that focus on developing new adhesive and thermal management solutions for the entire automotive industry.

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Material Solutions for Automotive Electronic Applications

Explore the different application areas where Henkel’s LOCTITE® and BERGQUIST® portfolios are supporting automotive electronics:

Advanced Driver-Assistance System and Safety

With the proliferation of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), Henkel remains the world's leading adhesives and electronic materials supplier with technologies tailored to meeting the challenging expectations of advanced component performance.

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Automotive Displays

Henkel is an industry leader in developing smart technologies for automotive displays. Henkel provides automotive display and infotainment solutions that include optical bonding, thermal management materials, structural adhesives and functional coatings.

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Camera Lens Bonding & Lens Active Alignment Adhesives

Surround-view cameras and mono-stereo cameras are an integral part of advanced driver assistance systems. Requirements for automotive cameras and lens bonding are significantly higher than in consumer electronics. Advances in adhesive technologies made by Henkel offer new opportunities for today’s automotive camera manufacturers. From cure times that take mere seconds, to the ability to adhere to a wide variety of substrates, Henkel’s adhesives for bonding and active alignment of camera lenses and modules decrease process costs while improving performance and durability.

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

Henkel’s broad range of thermal interface materials, conductive paste and film adhesives, glob top and underfill encapsulants, conformal coatings, sealants, potting and solder materials ensure advanced solutions for the numerous electronic control units in a modern car. With cutting-edge advances in adhesive materials, Henkel’s products meet the high automotive industry standards. 


Henkel enables e-Mobility in different areas of a hybrid or electric vehicle by providing different materials technologies for power storage systems such as batteries, power generation, and power conversion components.

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Automotive Interiors

Henkel offers a comprehensive portfolio of adhesive solutions for automotive interiors that include structural adhesives like chrome-free, environmentally sustainable surface treatments, water-based adhesives, low micro emission hot melt lamination adhesives, as well as sealing solutions.

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Resources for Automotive Electronics

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Brochure: Solutions for Automotive Electronic Components

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