No matter what challenge you are facing, when it comes to a vehicle's interior, Henkel got you covered. Our TECHNOMELT® and AQUENCE® range of adhesives is ideal for laminating and bonding all types of interior components including door panels, dashboards(instrument panels), headliners and cockpit , as well as seat trim. For structural and flexible bonding of interior components, our TEROSON® product series offers solutions for a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics, glass and textiles.

Automotive Interior Solutions

The automotive industry is always looking for innovative lightweight technologies and sustainable products to offer their customers. Henkel offers a wide range of high performance automotive interior adhesives for the assembly, installation, and lamination of high-quality components. 

As the world market leader in adhesives, Henkel also provides sealants for car interiors and corrosion protection products, as well as specialty laminating adhesives for various applications in the finishing of vehicle interiors.

One area where weight can be reduced is by using automotive panel bonding adhesives. Our range of automotive interior glues eliminates the need for heavy metal fasteners while also providing additional structural support. Additionally, automotive flocking materials can be used to enhance the overall appearance of car interiors, increase friction and grip of parts, as well as minimize cabin noise caused by vibrations.  

Automotive interior hotmelt materials are designed for a variety of assembly and lamination applications. From door panels, headliner and dashboards, these products provide exceptional strength values and short cycle times during the lamination and assembly process - even under high heat conditions.

Henkel offers a wide range of car interior trim materials and adhesive solutions for the following areas:

  • Door System
  • Seating System
  • Dashboards (Instrument Panel)
  • Steering Wheel
  • Overhead & Headliner
  • Carpet & Textiles
  • Other Interior Parts

Door System

Henkel’s portfolio of automotive door panel adhesives provides high heat resistance and fast setting bonding and sealing for lamination and decorative trim applications. Non-yellowing formulations are especially useful for edge-wrapping light-colored fabrics, as well as ideal for laminating semi-transparent substrates. The diverse range of interior car door panel adhesives is typically used on arm rests, door bolsters, and door beltline areas. 

With a wide range of high strength and durable door panel adhesives for the auto industry, our automotive interior solutions offer excellent performance and reliable results.

Seating System

Comfort and durability are key when it comes to seating systems. Car interior fabric adhesives are used to bond cushions and upholstery to various composite substrates. For this reason, it is necessary that automotive upholstery adhesives are highly flexible. Henkel’s expansive range of automotive vinyl adhesives remain flexible while providing a strong bond between different substrates, and do not become brittle over time. Our high-performance vinyl adhesives can also be used on seat tracks and help improve the look and durability of car interiors.

Dashboard (Instrument Panel)

One of the most visually important areas of a car is the instrument panel and it often utilizes high end finishes and decorative elements such as leather trims or veneer surfaces. For this reason, Henkel offers high heat resistant automotive panel adhesives for lamination and decorative bonding that offers high elasticity characteristics to allow temperature induced substrate movement without compromising bond integrity. Typical applications for Henkel’s automotive panel bonding adhesives include center consoles, instrument clusters, and glove compartments.

Steering Wheel

High elasticity automotive interior adhesives from Henkel offer superb performance for a variety of steering wheel applications. Automotive flocking kits are also available that increase grip and friction on the steering wheel.

Overhead and Headliner

The overhead and headliner areas are both components that require high heat resistance materials since they can be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Henkel offers a diverse range of automotive headliner and overhead spray adhesive solutions that are fast-setting and offer high heat resistance. These products are suitable for bonding felt and insulation mats for sound insulation and attaching plastic and metal parts. Additionally, automotive headliner adhesives can also be used for laminating sun visors, pillar trim, and a variety of substrates used in headline and overhead assemblies.

Carpet and Textiles

Carpet and textile bonding generally requires automotive interior adhesive solutions that provide low VOC and low fogging, as well as long open times. Henkel’s broad range of automotive interior trim materials and vinyl adhesives are typically used for applications that include bonding carpets or textile to metal or composite materials on load floors and seat backs and other car interiors, as well as using carpet adhesives on felt and insulation mats for sound insulation. Flexibility in automotive interior adhesives is vital for the durability and reliability of the bonds. That is why we offer a large portfolio of vinyl adhesives for car interiors, while non-yellowing fabric adhesive formulations are ideal for bonding light-colored fabrics and textiles on door panels and other components.

Other Interior Parts

Henkel’s broad range of automotive interior adhesive solutions can be used for a variety of other interior parts and applications. Whether you are looking for automotive flocking, caulking for seam sealers or other interior trim materials, our diverse portfolio of interior adhesives meets all auto industry specifications and requirements.

Improving Vehicle Displays for the Connected Car

As demand grows for enhanced safety, convenience, and comfort in cars, so does the demand for automotive displays. At Henkel, we've developed a number of solutions that can give displays improved clarity and contrast, make them lighter, more rugged, and more reliable.

Our automotive display solutions include:

  • Structural adhesives that can be used on single or two-component, elastic or toughen, UV heat, or moisture cure systems
  • Single component LOCTITE® liquid optically-clear adhesives designed to achieve high performance-bonding for cover lenses, touch panel sensors, direct bonding, and assembly in applications with multiple substrates or unique, curved designs

Further Resources

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