Henkel Showcased Adhesive Solutions for Furniture and Building Components at Interzum 2024

Perfect Bonding, Embrace the New Living 

GUANGZHOU, China – Henkel showcased adhesive solutions for furniture and building components with the theme of "Perfect Bonding, Embrace the New Living" at Interzum 2024 in Guangzhou during March 28-31. Interzum is a major annual event known as the weathervane in the industry of furniture and building components. Focusing on adhesives for edge banding, Henkel also showcased comprehensive solutions for flat lamination, coating and other purposes. During the event, Henkel also brought together industry partners including furniture manufacturers and influencers for a forum on how to build better furniture and better homes using high quality adhesives and the ultimate edge banding solutions.

Better adhesives for better homes

The requirements of consumers for home furnishing products have been changing in recent years. Apart from pursuing higher durability and better appearance, people are increasingly demanding about comfort, safety, and customization flexibility, and they have ushered in an era of quality furnishing. The changing requirements of end-users have led to a transformation towards higher quality across the value chain of the furniture and building components industry, and today furniture brands and manufacturers hold higher expectations for production materials and processes. As a leading supplier of adhesives for furniture and building components, Henkel has innovatively upgraded its portfolio to enable furniture manufacturers to improve quality, increase efficiency and build better furniture for better homes.

The solution for edge banding (focusing on the TECHNOMELT PUR 270 series)

The quality of edge banding directly determines the quality, appearance and durability of furniture. This is also a major challenge frequently encountered by manufacturers. Henkel launched TECHNOMELT PUR 270 series, and the revolutionary products immediately became the adhesives of choice for high-quality edge banding upon launch due to their features such as high initial strength, low application weight, slow skinning, and thin glue lines. Different from traditional PUR products, they can also avoid overnight skinning and reduce requirements for equipment maintenance. With the evolution of customers’ ordinary pain points, Henkel also offers customized product that can fit in with changing environments in different regions across China. For example, TECHNOMELT PUR 270/8 D showcased at this year’s Interzum is a new edge banding product specifically designed for use at extremely low temperatures in winter. After being cured, it will demonstrate excellent water resistance, heat resistance and solvent resistance. The product can be used at a low application weight, to effectively increase the outturn. It has a low viscosity and can adapt to diverse substrates and high-speed equipment, to help customers remain competitive while significantly extending the furniture’s service life. The product has successfully made the "20 PLUS 20 Annual List - Interzum Guangzhou Outstanding Furniture Accessories" in recognition of its excellent performance.

The solution for aluminum furniture

Aluminum is often used for building components such as window frames and honeycomb panels. It has unique properties and technical requirements. Henkel’s adhesive solution for aluminum has been widely recognized for its substrate adaptability, initial bond strength, and all-season usability. For example, LOCTITE UK 8389A/B B30 is suitable for corner joint bonding of aluminum window frames and aluminum structures, offering high lap shear strength and strong thermal shock aging adaptability. Its two-color appearance can help to avoid using the wrong product and offer a wider error tolerance boundary. The product does not contain any solvent and formaldehyde, and its content of bio-based ingredients is up to 41%, to ensure safety and sustainability. TECHNOMELT PUR 4506 for flat lamination, dubbed the "all-round" solution, can be used on multiple types of mainstream substrates and at a wide range of temperatures. It is also applicable throughout the year and excels in initial tack, which enables higher efficiency and quality by reducing spring back issues for thick films. TECHNOMELT PUR 2738 for the edge banding of aluminum furniture can be applied with rollers or scrapers. This product is even easier to use and requires a smaller amount for application. It delivers ultra-thin glue lines as well as clean and beautiful surfaces. The product is excellent in resisting heat, cold and moisture, and consumes less energy, ideal for improving quality and increasing efficiency.

The solution for flat lamination and coating

To address the pain points in flat lamination and coating operations, Henkel showcased its solution for flat lamination and coating at this year’s Interzum. All the PUR products in this series are excellent in resisting water, solvent and high temperatures. They can be used on substrates such as aluminum alloys and PVC. Its water-free ingredients can help to avoid the phenomenon of substrate swelling, to ensure that there is no tension during the curing process. Even a smaller amount is required for this product, which does not contain any solvent and formaldehyde, conforming to European standards and China’s national standards, to protect the health and safety of production workers and end-users.

Brainstorming for better homes

Although edge banding is just a small part of the entire furniture manufacturing process, and the cost of the adhesives for edge banding accounts for only a little of the total cost, the quality of edge banding has a very big impact on the quality of the furniture produced. Edge banding looks trivial, but its marginal effect is significant. As the leader of adhesives for edge banding, Henkel put together a forum during this year’s Interzum. The founder of China’s leading furniture manufacturer Vision and Mr. Feng Su, an home furnishing influencer, were invited to the forum to discuss with Henkel expert on the new standards and new technologies for edge banding.

As an industry veteran and influencer, Mr. Feng stated that home furnishing should demonstrate the aesthetic value through color codes, styles and ambience while selecting the right panels, metals and adhesives and adopting the right manufacturing processes. From the perspective of end-users, Mr. Feng, along with Mr. Wang Jian, CEO of the Vision Group, and Mr. Zhang Nan, Senior Manager, Henkel ACB APAC PD, held discussions on topics such as the common issues with edge banding for panels, the quality standards for edge banding adhesives, and the common requirements for panel furniture. Their discussions extended to other stakeholders such as material suppliers and manufacturers, to see how they could help give people peace of mind when it comes to furnishing.

On behalf of Henkel, the forum’s initiator, Mr. Zhang was proud to elaborate how Henkel has been striving for high quality development of edge banding: “As the leader of home furnishing adhesives, Henkel draws on PUR products used in high-end manufacturing such as automotive electronics in Germany and applies them for woodworking, specifically for edge banding, through local innovation here in China. We are also working hard to promote the application of our PUR products in the woodworking industry. These products do not contain any VOC or formaldehyde as a solvent, are odorless, and provide better performances. In this way can we improve furniture’s quality and durability, and also strive for a safer and more sustainable path to the future.”

The continuous pursuit of better is the cornerstone for Henkel Adhesives to achieve sustainable growth. In the future, the company will continue to optimize its portfolio and set new standards for edge banding. It will continue to offer solutions customized for the specific needs of different customers with an open mindset and a forward-looking strategy, to take the category of edge banding adhesives to a new level. It will also leverage its global network to offer 360-degree technical and service training in the local market, to ensure advanced production through facilities such as its world-class Dragon Plant, to create a new closed loop of services together with ecosystem partners, and to help build better homes for people.

Event Information

Event: Interzum Guangzhou 2024

Time: March 28-31, 2024 (09:30 - 17:00)

Location: Canton Fair Complex Pazhou, 980 East Xingang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Henkel Hall: Hall 15.1, International Hall – Interior and Nature Materials

Henkel Booth: G032

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