The ongoing expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) has already significantly changed our lives with connected devices. This has created new applications within industries where printed electronics have not yet become commonplace. Printed electronics make previously unknown functionalities possible, enabling us to live in smart homes, improving our lives with smart healthcare products, and creating smart solutions for mobility and connectivity. Keeping up with these innovative products and new technologies that are not at the core of your business can be very time consuming and expensive. At the same time, the printed electronics market is accelerating with shorter product life cycles and changing customer requirements.

Henkel is an industry-leading supplier of printed electronic materials and services. Our broad portfolio of functional ink formulations is ideal for the production of an extensive array of printed electronic products. Due to Henkel’s extensive partnership network, we are uniquely situated to provide high-quality materials for a variety of printed electronics applications. Our partnership network, with key players in the value chain, is essential to realize commercial success for printed electronics applications. Contact us today to discover how Henkel can help your company to electrify your product with smart material solutions.


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Henkel’s Printed Electronic Materials

Printed electronics are flexible and thin electronic components which are made during the process of printing specialized, functional ink formulations onto a substrate. A variety of different ink-formulations and substrates are available for printed electronics applications. This has created a significant number of new application fields which includes traditional industries without any prior connection to electronics, such as textiles or furniture. 

Henkel is an industry-leader in printed electronic materials that are used in a diverse set of technologies and industries. Henkel’s LOCTITE® inks have enabled innovative electronic technologies for well over three decades. Our product portfolio comprises a variety of different conductive, resistive, dielectric, electrode, PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient), and shielding inks. We understand that printed electronic equipment needs vary based upon several factors and uses and that is why Henkel offers a variety of inks that are designed for numerous printed electronics applications. 

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Printed Electronics Solutions from Henkel

Printed electronic materials are used for manufacturing membrane switches, flexible circuits, force sensors, heating elements, EMI shielding, medical biosensors, and many more applications. Due to its wide applicability, printed electronics can be used to create smart product solutions across multiple markets, including consumer, medical, and automotive fields, as well as for furniture and building applications.

Henkel’s Printed Electronics Services offer smart solutions for a variety of industries. The growing penetration of emerging technologies such as 5G, digital healthcare, and smart mobility enables us to enter an era of increased connectivity and real-time transmission. Furthermore, changing societal and individual needs have further unleashed the growing demand for printed electronic solutions allowing the creation of limitless connectivity.

These developments have carried printed electronics into a wide array of new application fields, allowing for new market opportunities for smart living, mobility, healthcare, and more. Henkel is driving fundamental innovations with printed electronics at a high-speed. Contact us and discover how Henkel’s printed electronic materials can be applied to different industries.

Meet our Printed Electronics Team

Our partnership approach brings together experts from all stages of your market’s value chain to accelerate your visionary product ideas with printed electronics, from market exploration to go-to-market. We possess expertise in printed electronics technology across industries such as automotive, consumer wearables & hygiene, and healthcare, as well as furniture and general building applications. We offer an open space for collaboration and hold together a unique network of cross-industry partnerships. We can quickly connect you with our in-house experts, external IoT partners, printing houses, and market experts as well as provide our high-performing inks, adhesives, sealants, and coatings.

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