Phase Change material products replace grease as the interface between power devices and heat sinks. Loctite dispensable and printable phase change thermal compounds create a significantly thinner bondline and lower thermal resistance as compared to other formats. The no-mess thixotropic characteristics keep phase change material products from flowing out of the interface, simplifying handling and providing a non-tacky material at room temperature. Both Bergquist and Loctite thermal interface material phase change products can be integrated into a fully automated process, giving customers fast and flexible processing for mass production and high throughput.

HI-FLOW Phase Change Materials


Hi Flow provides similar handling to Bergquist Sil Pad materials at room temperature, but flows like grease at its designed phase change temperature. The following is an overview of the important features of the Hi Flow thermal grease alternative:

  • Comparable thermal performance to grease in most applications
  • Thermally conductive phase change compound
  • Aluminum, film or fiberglass carriers and non-reinforced versions
  • Low volatility substitute for thermal grease
  • Easy to handle and apply in the manufacturing environment
  • Tackified or tack-free at room temperature


Using Bergquist Hi Flow or Loctite dispensable/printable phase change materials instead of grease can save time and money without sacrificing thermal performance. There are numerous benefits, including:

  • No mess; thixotropic characteristics of the materials keep it from flowing out of the interface
  • Easier handling;  tackified or tack-free at room temperature
  • No protective liner required (Hi Flow)
  • High thermal performance helps ensure CPU reliability
  • Does not attract contaminants
  • Easier material handling, shipping and processing
  • Simplified application that can be easily automated


The broad Hi Flow and Loctite product phase change portfolios offer a variety of choices to meet performance, handling and process needs, including:

  • Availability with or without adhesive
  • Dispensable/printable for high throughput processing
  • Dispensable/printable phase change materials are dry to the touch and can be pre-applied on certain devices such as power components
  • Aluminum carrier for applications not requiring electrical isolation
  • Film or fiberglass carrier for electrical isolation
  • Dry, non-reinforced material
  • Tackified or tack-free at room temperature
  • Tabbed parts, die-cut parts, sheets or bulk rolls
  • Adhesive specifically for cold application without preheating heat sink
  • Customized options are available; tooling charges vary depending on the complexity of the part


Hi Flow and Loctite thermal grease alternative materials are suited for consumer and industrial electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace and telecommunications applications such as:

  • UPS and SMPS AC/DC, DC/ DC or linear power supplies
  • Between a CPU and heatsink
  • Power conversion devices
  • Fractional and integral motor control
  • Leaded, surface mount and power module assemblies

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