Formulated with additives of synthetic chemicals such as esthers, PAO (polyalpahaolefin), and PAG (polyalkylene glycol), synthetic lubricant sprays and other formulas are designed to provide more control over product performance. These additives generally provide higher levels of performance than products that are purely petroleum based, operating efficiently at higher temperatures and pressures in certain applications.

Additionally, thanks to their versatility and range of application methods, synthetic lubricants and high-performance greases are suited to a broad range of applications and industries—even in harsh environmental conditions. Henkel’s range of dry film lubricants and synthetic lubricant sprays offer the following properties:

  • Multi-purpose application
  • Prevents corrosion
  • High temperature resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Non-oily and non-staining

Henkel’s portfolio of synthetic lubricants and high-performance greases has been developed to meet the most demanding applications across a wide range of industries. Featuring high compatibility with a range of processes and multiple dispensing options, Henkel ensures our products deliver uncompromising performance in any area where conventional greases, oils, and other lubricants are unsuited.

Learn about the synthetic and dry film lubricant products we offer and ask industry specific questions about this type of adhesive by contacting a member of our team.

Our Synthetic Lubricant Product Line:

In order to fulfil the demands of a wide range of applications, synthetic lubricants and high-performance greases are available in various formulas. Easy to apply in hard-to-reach areas and with long-lasting lubrication properties, both dry film lubricant and other types of synthetic lubricant sprays are an excellent choice for multiple industries. Additionally, thanks to their “dry” lubrication properties, all types of dry film lubricants are suited to any area where environmental factors, such as dust, sand, or other grime may affect the performance of conventional lubricants.

Dry Film Lubricants

Used to reduce the friction between two surfaces without requiring additional greases or oils, dry film lubricant coatings are typically used where conventional lubricants may be subject to changes in performance from heat, wear, migration, or the generation of debris.

Dry film lubricants are used in a wide variety of industries within applications such as:

  • Gears, springs bearings, cams
  • Shafts, splines, and bushes
  • Hydraulic fittings for aerospace
  • Valve components and non-intrusive medical instruments
  • Rubber and other non-metallic substrates

Graphite is commonly used within high temperature dry film lubricants in industrial machinery thanks to its ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges and its water absorption properties that lower the adhesion between the substrate and the graphite.

As your trusted dry film lubricant supplier, Henkel provides formulations that can be applied in a variety of methods to ensure compatibility with any type of machine or substrate. Whether as a solid or aerosol, our LOCTITE® dry film lubricants are ideal for both manual and automated applications.

Moly-Dry Film Lubricant

Molybdenum disulfide dry film lubricant is among the most widely used solid film lubricants within gears and other small mechanisms, helping to reduce wear and friction. As a dry lubricant, it can be brushed or sprayed onto mating surfaces where fluid lubrication is unsuitable but where loads are high.

LOCTITE® moly dry film lubricant sprays deliver superior performance over other types of dry lubricant thanks to its unique formula and application. Additionally, the absence of graphite in some of our moly dry film lubricants means they can be used in areas where electrical conductivity is not  desired.

Polyalphaolefin Grease

Polyalphaolefin greases are common in many several industries due to their long use life and suitability to different applications. These greases provide flexibility in application by being suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures and production environments.

As a leading polyalphaolefin grease manufacturer, Henkel offer synthetic polyalphaolefin greases that are made especially for food processing equipment, enabling a range of industrial food production processes. Moreover, many of our polyalphaolefin grease and can be used as anti-corrosion films, helping to extend equipment life. Henkel polyalphaolefin greases are applied through aerosol or tubes depending on application needs.

Dielectric Grease

As a key component of electronic assemblies, dielectric grease for electrical connectors helps to repel moisture and protect connections and components from corrosion while preventing voltage leakage. Used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and general mechanical maintenance applications where electrical connectors are prevalent, it is insoluble in water and can also be used in marine applications. Additionally, depending on the application, dielectric grease used on electrical connections can be applied as a spray or dispensed by a tube.

Contact Henkel today to discuss the best type of dry film lubricants for your needs and we will be happy to advise you on your specific application.

Industrial Maintenance Applications

Synthetic lubricants and high-performance greases are used in a variety of maintenance applications and anywhere that conventional lubricants may compromise the efficiency of machinery or moving parts. Any high-performance application that requires the reduction of friction without the limitations of liquid oils or greases will benefit from dry film lubricants. This includes applications in mining, oil, gas, and chemical processing plants, as well as other heavy industries where the build-up of conventional lubricants may cause issues in operation or environmental and operating conditions may compromise the efficacy of traditional greases and oils. For these reasons, synthetic lubricants are seen as essential materials for effective industrial maintenance.

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