Solvent based adhesives are frequently used across the packaging, tapes, and medical industries. These adhesives are so common because of their high resistance to a number of environmental factors and their suitability to different substrates. Solvent based adhesives are good options for both porous and non-porous surfaces and provide secure adhesion once the liquid dries leaving only the bonding agent behind. They are also easier to apply to surfaces than many other types of water based adhesives. This is why solvent based adhesives are used in application areas as diverse as the automotive, food packaging, and graphics industries.

Henkel is a major solvent based adhesive manufacturer for businesses working in a variety of industries. Whether you need solvent based adhesives for packaging, medical, applications, or tapes, labels, and graphics applications, Henkel offers the specialized product solutions for your manufacturing needs. With the growing demands for high performance adhesives and bonding materials, solvent based adhesives remain an essential material for ensuring strong bonding to plastic, rubber, and many other substrates. Henkel offers solvent based adhesives that can be applied through aerosol spray, roll, brush, or coating.

There are several core advantages of solvent based adhesives from Henkel:

  • Strong resistance to chemical exposure and high temperatures
  • Quick tact and curing times
  • VOC compliance
  • Easily applicable to a number of different substrates
  • Highly resistant to water exposure

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Solvent Based Adhesive Types

There are many different types of solvent based chemistries that are used for a variety of industrial applications. Some of the most common includes uses in laminating and coating applications, especially in the food packaging and tapes, labels, and graphics industries. Whatever the application need, Henkel has different types of solvent based adhesives that help manufacturers find the specific chemistry that suits their materials and manufacturing processes.

Solvent based adhesives are a good choice for applications that requires resistance to high temperatures, UV exposure, or other environmental factors. As opposed to water-based adhesives, solvent based adhesives are better at resisting harsh environmental conditions and maintain high bonding strength. This includes applications to multi-substrates materials that require bonding to metal substrates such as aluminum or steel which are not suitable for many water based adhesives. Lastly, many solvent based adhesives have quick curing times that enables more efficient manufacturing processes. Because of the diverse needs of manufacturers across industries, Henkel has developed a number of different solvent based adhesive materials that are tailored to individualized applications.

Solvent Based Acrylic Adhesives

Solvent based acrylic adhesives are used in several industries that require adhesives that are resistant to various solvent or chemical exposures. This means that solvent based acrylic adhesives are often a good choice when there is a high likelihood of chemical exposure or other type of interactions with solvents. With several different chemical formulations, solvent based acrylic adhesives are a common choice for materials that require high-temperature resistance although the bond strength of solvent based acrylic adhesives are generally lower than polyurethane or other pressure sensitive adhesives. Solvent based acrylic adhesives are usually used in the laminating and packaging applications

Solvent Based Polyurethane Adhesives

Solvent based polyurethane adhesives can be to a number of different substrate types and maintain adhesive flexibly in application. The polyurethane chemistry of these adhesives enables long-lasting and strong bond strengths. Additionally, solvent based polyurethane adhesives also possess high resistance to environmental factors, making them the right choice for applications that require durable and flexible adhesive bonding.

Solvent Based PSA

Solvent based pressure sensitive adhesives, that can come in either acrylic or polyurethane chemistries, are common adhesives for the packaging and medical products. Solvent based PSAs are important for a number of uses that require easy and quick bonding performance through the use of pressure during application. Solvent based pressure sensitive adhesives are particularly important for outdoor applications or ones that require lasting adhesive bonding.

Solvent-Based Rubber

Solvent based rubber is important for applications that require high-strength bonding across different substrate types. Solvent based rubber adhesives are a clear choice for many different applications in the graphics industry, especially for outdoor signs or graphics that require secure hold that resist diverse environmental pressures. Additionally, solvent based rubbers are an important material in the paper industry that help manufacturers create a number of different products. 

Contact a member of our team to find out more about what solvent based adhesive is right for your industry 

Industrial Applications

Solvent based adhesives are used across many different industries due to their flexibility, durability, and ease of application. From their use in automotive parts manufacturing to helping produce adhesive tapes for medical applications, solvent based adhesives span many different industrial sectors. Find out more about the major areas where solvent based adhesives from Henkel are the trusted choice of manufacturers. 

Tapes, Labels, and Graphics

The tapes, labels, and graphics industry relies on solvent based adhesives to create secure bonds across different substrate materials. As a trusted solvent based adhesive manufacturer, Henkel has a variety of solvent based PSA materials as well as rubber based solvent adhesives that are commonly used in tapes, labels, and graphics applications. Henkel’s solvent based pressure sensitive adhesives are used in a variety of sign and graphic applications that require weather resistance and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. 


Solvent based adhesives are an important material used for manufacturing tapes and other devices in the medical industry. Medical products and devices require secure holds that persist even if they are exposed to other chemicals or solvents. This makes solvent based adhesives especially suitable for transdermal and drug delivery products that are needed across the medical field. 

Food Packaging

Solvent based adhesives are important for the food packaging industry, especially for laminating and coating processes. This includes the use of solvent based heat seal coating that help packaging keep securely closed even when exposed to environmental factors. Solvent based heat seal coatings are especially important for flexible packaging applications for food since they are able to be heat sealed. Henkel also offers solvent based adhesives for digital printing applications in the food packaging industries as well as general packaging applications. 

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