Softness, strength, and absorbency are key components consumers want in their tissue and towel products. From facial tissues and toilet paper to napkins and paper towels, consumers have different expectations for each. Brand owners are faced with meeting these needs and delivering products in a highly competitive market. To respond to the competitive pressure in the industry, manufacturers are seeking solutions to increase the efficiency of their production lines. This means that you need a reliable and innovative tissue adhesive supplier that helps you make high-quality tissue products.

The tissue and towel industry has a diverse range of applications. Henkel offers a broad portfolio of products and equipment solutions for traditional applications such as lamination, pick up, core winding, and tail sealing. Our own research, along with the cooperation of our machine producers, assures Henkel adhesives bond professionally, at the right moment, and in the right place for all your tissue adhesives. We provide high-quality adhesive and equipment solutions help to reduce cost and increase quality.

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Material Solutions for Tissue and Towel Manufacturing

For your customer, high-quality means extra comfort for sensitive skin. For you, our tissue adhesive solutions enable bathroom and facial tissues to be extra soft and silky. However, our solutions are not only geared to the end product and the customers satisfaction. We also supply high-quality adhesive products for toilet paper roles in the form of core winding adhesives as well as softeners for fiber treatment. Henkel’s AQUENCE® brand has a wide water-based adhesives line that are designed for applications in tissue and towel production. AQUENCE® water-based adhesives are ideally suited for lamination and tissue pick-up applications. Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® brand also offers hot melt adhesives for applications such as tail sealing that offer excellent wet tack and release qualities.

We understand the changing market dynamics driven by consumer trends, and we put this knowledge into every innovative solution we develop. Find out more about the specific applications where Henkel’s adhesive products can help make a difference in your tissue and towel production.

Improving Tissue and Towel Adhesive Applications

Core Winding Adhesives

Henkel’s adhesives used in core winding achieve the desired final quality of the core, from rigid to soft. Our product range, from dextrin-based products to polyvinyl-acetate-based adhesives, can work with any kind of paper/cardboard under different machine conditions, including high-speed manufacturing processes. Henkel’s core winding adhesives assure the toilet roll tube remains intact and lightweight. Our portfolio of core winding adhesives:

  • Offer a full range available for specific technical requirements
  • Provide fast drying for high-speed machines
  • Assure efficient consumption
  • Support application on any type of cardboard in the market
  • Comply with FDA / BfR requirements


Laminating Adhesives

Henkel laminating adhesives are adapted to meet customer specifications of high setting speed, excellent machinability, and application without creating a dirty or sticky effect on the roll. Our adhesives boost the price/performance ratio. Henkel AQUENCE® water-based adhesives offer a complete range of products for this application, from customized adhesives to ready-to-use versions, including adhesives for TAD, all of which offer an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Whether you require adhesives for a soft, rigid, or medium roll, 2 to 4 ply toilet paper or 2 to 3 ply kitchen paper, you can count on Henkel for products that provide:

  • Full range available for specific technical requirements
  • Fast setting time
  • Clean machine running
  • Good adhesion for 2 to 4 plies
  • Optimal cost in use
  • Products with FDA / BfR conformity

Tissue Pick-Up Adhesives

The different tack and structure of Henkel´s adhesives support getting the best final release as well as to benefit from any application system. Henkel‘s broad product range of tissue pick-up adhesives assures the final quality of the roll and the production process to achieve optimal consumption. Explore our AQUENCE® brand of adhesive products to find out more about tissue pick-up adhesives.

The special chemical nature of Henkel adhesives produces the best machining properties as well as very clean processing. This reduces the need for cleaning and helps to decrease downtime and increase efficiency. The Henkel range includes customized products and ready-to-use solutions. Henkel tissue pick-up adhesives provide:

  • Full range available for specific technical requirements
  • High wet tack
  • Excellent dry release
  • Good cleanability
  • Efficient consumption
  • Compliance with FDA / BfR requirements

Tail Sealing Adhesives

The tail sealing application is critical, as it presents the visible image of quality of the finished roll. Henkel has developed a complete product range for this application based on the technological improvements of the systems and the requirements of the market. TECHNOMELT® holt melt adhesives are the ideal fit for a range of teal sealing applications.  

Expect high performance on fountain, bar, gun, and nozzle systems, with a limited penetration into the sheets and an excellent release. Our tail sealing adhesives make it possible to choose the right “wet tack” for the paper in order to avoid dirt during cutting and to provide superior release. Our product line of tail sealing adhesives:

  • Offers good wet tack avoiding flagging on converting line
  • Assures excellent dry release
  • Supports optimal cost in use
  • Provides best quality look and feel for end user
  • Complies with FDA / BfR requirements

Softener for Fiber Treatment (Tissue Softener)

Consumer demand for softness varies in different regions across tissue and towel applications. This means that fiber treatment softener (tissue softeners) are needed in order to produce tissues that consumers soft and comfortable . Manufacturers must do so without significant increasing costs or causing discomfort for skin.

Henkel offers a variety of products to enhance the fibers to help you in the tissue softener process. Our portfolio of tissue softener solutions:

  • Creates tissue softness and increases volume
  • Supports room temperature application
  • Dries quickly
  • Includes selectable fragrances
  • Is dermatologically tested
  • Supports end-product differentiation

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Equipment Solutions for Tissue and Towel Applications

Dilution Systems

Tissue and towel applications use concentrated adhesives. However, there is not an industry standard for diluting adhesives to the desired percent solids or viscosity. Henkel partnered to develop an automated dilution system to replace the existing manual dilution tanks used by most manufacturers. The process begins with adhesive and water being added to a batch tank to the desired percent solids. Once implemented, the batches are pumped automatically. A level control automatically signals for new batches. The system alerts operators through a series of alarms if adhesive or water is not fed.

The dilution system reduces variability in adhesive concentration and reduces the chance for error during batch up while taking less time to produce a batch. The system delivers adhesive on-demand from the storage tank and eliminates heavy lifting and reduces chemical exposure. An additional benefit is the system eliminates risk of adhesive contamination. 

Extrusion Transfer Systems

Tissue and towel manufacturers typically have open pot and wheel application systems. These systems are impacted by paper dust and other debris on the manufacturing floor as well the ambient conditions. There are also safety issues related to cleaning the pots and other housekeeping tasks. This high cost-in-use means operators struggle managing adhesive waste and reducing downtime. 

To combat these challenges, Henkel partners with equipment manufacturers to provide an enclosed system with versatile application control and pattern location. Extrusion transfer systems utilize water-based adhesives and enable greater control of the tissue towel production lines. These systems increase uptime and improve employee safety with reduced housekeeping and equipment clean-up. Extrusion transfer reduces adhesive waste up to 50% and improves product quality.

Finding the Right Solution for Your Products

Navigating through the various adhesive products that meet your needs is difficult. Henkel’s team of adhesive experts has decades of experience in developing innovative material solutions for tissue and towel manufacturing. With any tissue and towel adhesive applications, there are often issues which arise on the production line. It is important to understand how to troubleshoot common problems. Some common challenges include:

  • Slinging, Throwing or Splashing – resulting from centrifugal force, this common challenge is caused by overfilled adhesive pots, adhesive accumulation on the rollers and adhesive drying too fast. The most common fix is adjusting the adhesive thickness. There are also equipment changes, such as cleaning of changing the rollers and modifying the machine speed.
  • Pattern Skips – commonly caused by adhesive viscosity, skips in the pattern result from improperly mixed adhesive or broken gel structure. To avoid pattern skips, the adhesive needs to be mixed thoroughly prior to startling a production line. At the same time, the adhesive needs to be covered during downtime.
  • Uneven Coat Weights – results from variations in adhesive application. It is commonly caused from uneven pressure between the applicators and the substrate. The applicator should just barely contact the substrate or there will be issues.
  • Tailing or Satelliting – occurs when too much adhesive is applied and the center falls away and creates a tail on the substrate. To correct, check the pump rate to assure the correct amount is applied and verify the viscosity is appropriate for the application.

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