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Discover how IIoT revolutionised Steam Trap Monitoring by improving drastically plant reliability. Explore three specific use cases in Oil & Gas and chemical sectors, demonstrating how LOCTITE Pulse Technology prevents disruptions and enhances sustainability.

Reduce Your Costs, Increase Your Sustainability

LOCTITE Pulse Smart Steam Trap is a smart maintenance solution that can detect asset failures to help reduce energy losses, minimize CO2 emissions and increase product quality. Thus it not only lowers costs but also increase sustainability and quality.

You can monitor critical assets in a Web-based app, supporting your existing maintenance routines in order to increase plant safety, productivity and uptime.

The Impact of Steam Trap Failure is Huge

  • Almost every industrial plant has a large number of steam traps that can have a significant impact on the performance, resource consumption and sustainability of the plant.
  • With lack of man power in maintenance and longer intervals between manual inspections, broken steam traps can go undetected for a long period of time and cause significant energy loss, increased fuel consumption as well as unnecessary CO2 emissions.
  • Increasing the number of manual inspections to regularly monitor hundreds and thousands of steam traps requires additional labor cost and expenses.
  • Insufficient removal of condensate inside the steam trap significantly increases the risk of damages to the steam system, even causing long downtimes and affecting people's safety.

With LOCTITE Pulse, you can benefit from smart monitoring of your steam traps and are enabled to reduce all of the above issues, thus allowing for efficient operations and contributing to potential cost reduction.

Always-on Monitoring of Steam Traps Can Create Cost Savings and Peace of Mind

  • NON-INTRUSIVE: retrofit, no shutdown required
  • QUICK AND EASY ROLLOUT: start monitoring steam traps in a short time
  • ALWAYS-ON: continuous reporting of failures - 24/7, 365 days a year
  • RELIABLE: sophisticated AI algorithm supports high failure detection and lowers false alarm rate
  • ALL-IN-ONE: detection of all relevant steam trap failure types
  • INNOVATIVE SENSOR: highly precise external strain sensor (optional) - printed, flexible, semi conductive film

Easy Installation 

LOCTITE Pulse Smart Steam Trap can be installed quickly, easily, and perhaps most importantly, non-intrusively - no shutdown required. Watch the video to see how.

Take a Closer Look at the LOCTITE®Pulse Web App

Calculate Your Potential Savings with LOCTITE®Pulse Smart Steam Trap 

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  • Steam loss cost savings
  • Inspection cost saving
  • Financial loss due to WH savings
  • Financial loss due to condensate stall savings
  • CO2 emission per year savings

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