Listen to Your Smart Flange's Heartbeat

Always-on Monitoring of Your Critical Flanges

LOCTITE Pulse Smart Flange Leak Detection is a smart maintenance solution that can detect early leakages. You can monitor critical assets in a Web-based app and receive notifications. This enables operators to react in a timely manner and decrease risks of growing leaks.


Flange Leaks are a Big Problem

  • Nearly every plant in the process industry has thousands of flanges, many of which are highly critical.
  • Critical flanges require regular inspection. This can be very time consuming due to insulation, cladding or difficult accessibility.
  • Leakages can lead to serious consequences that affect the safety of employees, the environment and the plant itself.
  • Some flammable liquids can form explosive mixtures with air.
  • Every hour that a leak goes unnoticed, environmental issues like water contamination and its consequences become more likely.
  • Efforts required for repairing a leak increase over time, up to a point where a shutdown of the whole process may become necessary.

With the LOCTITE Pulse Smart Flange solution, you benefit from smart monitoring of your flanges that may reduce the risk of media escaping into the environment or other harmful consequences.

Benefits of Smart Flange Solution

  • INNOVATIVE: Novel, patented carbon nanotube technology that supports quick detection of hydrocarbon leaks
  • PEACE OF MIND: Secondary containment can slow down the leakage and gives time for planning the repair
  • ALWAYS ON: Continuous reporting of equipment status – 24/7, 365 days a year
  • RELIABLE: Robust, consistent, and hydrocarbon-specific signal generation
  • NON-INTRUSIVE: Retrofit installation during operations
  • EXTRA FLEXIBLE: Silicon secondary containment for fast installation and easy removal for maintenance
  • EXTRA STRONG: Composite secondary containment with high material strength and mechanical robustness, also for large flange gaps

Learn More With the Smart Leak Detection Whitepaper

Take a deep dive into LOCTITE Pulse. This whitepaper explains how innovative sensor technology enables smart maintenance even for less prominent components in the process industry.


Easy Installation 

LOCTITE Pulse Smart Flange can be installed quickly, easily, and perhaps most importantly, non-intrusively - no shutdown required. Watch the video to see how.

Take a Closer Look at the LOCTITE®Pulse Web App

Learn From Our Customers

Let's take a look at the real world. See how our customers are already benefiting from LOCTITE Pulse Smart Maintenance Solutions.

Other systems require physical presence for collecting data, but with LOCTITE Pulse Smart Flange Solutions H&R has now found a way to conduct constant monitoring in order to obtain an overview of their plant's status from anywhere, at any time.

Shell runs one of the largest chemical and energy operations in Germany. Until recently monitoring was very complex. Thanks to scalable LOCTITE Pulse Smart Flange solutions, the process has become easier, more precise and more efficient, makign the plant even safer.

Calculate Your Potential Savings with LOCTITE®Pulse

20 1000
2000 30000
Your Est. Value Added is
Smart leak detection solution cost included.
  • Inspection & Documentation Cost
  • Downtime Cost
  • Repair & Cleanup Efforts
Additional benefits:
  • Increased safety
  • Continuous monitoring of your flanges leak

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