Easyflow®: How a new hot melt adhesives format can optimize palletizing

Increase safety, sustainability and efficiency of your palletizing process

Consumers and governments are becoming more and more aware of the issues of transportation, packaging waste and plastic. All over the world, sustainable packaging design solutions are being sought to package products efficiently while protecting the environment.

Hot melt adhesives can play a major role in this process, as they offer an increase in safety, sustainability and efficiency along the entire value chain with regards to palletizing. Our hot melt adhesive Technomelt Supra 7220 PS Easyflow® sets new standards to make production processes for palletizing with adhesives more safe sustainable and efficient.

The new hot melt adhesive significantly cuts or fully dispenses with the need for film and pallet stretch wrap. By reducing material and waste it enables manufacturers, logistics specialists, distributors and retailers meet ever tougher sustainability goals.

Mini pillows making a big difference for sustainable packaging design

Technomelt Supra 7220 PS Easyflow® combines high-quality adhesive performance with an innovative new packaging. The format of mini pillows not only enables transport without silicone paper, it also brings three key benefits for consumer goods manufacturers:


Eliminating manual handling of tank filling is an easy way to increase efficiency. Employees benefit as well from a cleaner and safer work environment.


Easyflow® preserves the heat history and doesn’t experience temperature fluxuations of other hot melt adhesives which results in an excellent bonding performance.


As Easyflow® dispenses with manual tank filling, it creates a closed system which requires less maintenance and reduced downtime.

The small and non-sticky mini pillows can be automatically fed into the melters as needed, which enables a closed and therefore less vulnerable system. At the same time, the auto-feeding and the small shape of the adhesive pillows enable faster melting on demand: a sustainable packaging design with huge benefits.

Mini pillows enabling greater work safety

As the mini pillows enable auto-feeding into the melters and therefore reduce manual handling, Technomelt Supra 7220 PS Easyflow® increases work safety in production significantly. This leads to a lower burn risk, fewer physical hazards and increases the safety and cleanliness of the workplace in the long term.

A sustainable palletizing process reducing the usage of single-use plastics

Saving energy through melt-on-demand and at the same time use less material thanks to the innovative hot melt packaging format – that’s possible with Technomelt Supra 7220 PS Easyflow®. The high adhesive performance reduces the consumption of single-use plastic film, anti-slip mats and intermediate layers by up to 90% and the mini pillows also eliminate the use of silicone paper. This allows palletizing solutions to be more sustainable and at the same time safe and stable for transport.

Significant increase of process performance and efficiency

The innovative packaging format of the adhesive enables the non-sticky mini pillows freely flowing to allow the auto-feeding system from the adhesive side. This provides a steady melt-on-demand supply into the melters without interruption or temperature fluctuations that can impact performance.

All in all, Technomelt Supra 7220 PS Easyflow® enables a maintenance reduction, cut of downtime, decrease of operating costs and – at the end of the transport – it makes depalletizing faster and easier. 

If you want to learn how the Easyflow® mini pillows can make a big difference to your palletizing process, please get in contact with us!

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