Aircraft manufacturing in the age of digitization

Among the major challenges facing the aerospace industry is ensuring the ability to accelerate production levels in the most efficient way possible. Automation is high on industry leaders’ priorities list. They need to adapt to new and disruptive technologies in the age of digitization.

The aerospace industry imposes stringent regulations in terms of quality management systems and controls. As a result of this, aerospace industry manufacturing processes require standardization, consistency and automation to ensure these strict quality and process requirements are met. 

Henkel’s manufacturing plant in Montornès del Vallès, Spain, is already well-established through its pre-existing automotive industry production facility. The expansion focused on aerospace applications will greatly benefit from the local expertise gained from years of developing high-performing engineered solutions for the challenging automotive sector.

These advantages allow the Montornès production facility to provide industry clients with cost-efficient services, as well as high-quality products, based on a broad set of technical know-how. 

An automated supply chain

The expanded aerospace plant, directly integrated with the existing warehouse, will provide enhanced supply chain efficiency through state-of-the-art automation technology. Our sophisticated systems offer end-to-end process control over manufacturing which enables consistent product quality by avoiding any human error factors. Having a fully automated and transparent process will reduce material non-conformances and achieve a high level of quality control required by the aerospace industry.

Our customers will benefit from the global accessibility to this end-to-end supply chain process & data. We provide higher transparency leading to factual-based discussions and agile decision making. This creates a simplified process with integrated platforms containing higher data accuracy — ensuring efficient growth in line with market and global trends. 

Our holistic framework combines multiple departments, systems and processes across our supply chain, such as Demand, Supply Planning, Forecasting and Inventory management, into one platform that encourages fact-based decision making while increasing the integrity of the data. 

With our high-tech and automated plant, we ensure a robust, resourceful and reliable supply chain. This investment has been a significant advancement in our journey toward becoming the most reliable material solution partner for the future.

Author: Ruari O’Kane

Global Business Development Manager

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