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No compromise material solutions for vehicle design and production

Automotive manufacturing and assembly challenges are accelerating as the industry adopts more alternative energy vehicles and the need for greater comfort, connectivity, safety, efficiency & sustainability increases. With the vehicle body and associated components requiring specialized materials, Henkel builds trusted partnerships with our automotive manufacturing customers to provide not only high-quality and durable solutions, but also flexibility and efficiency within the production environment.

As the market leader in adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings for the automotive industry, Henkel drives automotive designs forward by increasing performance and comfort while reducing vehicle weight, and enabling cost efficiency, speed in development, and improved sustainability. Backed by extensive design capabilities, a broad product range, and technical expertise, we deliver solutions for all segments of a vehicle. Our team of automotive experts has meticulously designed and produced an extensive catalogue of products that meet or exceed industry specifications.  

Henkel’s portfolio for automotive manufacturing applications offer solutions across the full automotive value chain:

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Adhesive Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing & Assembly Applications

Providing the right adhesive for the right application area takes many complex factors into account - driving us to constantly expand our product range. Because of this, our automotive adhesive portfolio includes polyurethane, silicone, epoxy, rubber-based and PVC-based adhesive chemistries, to name a few. Integration of sustainable chemistries are also actively pursued, including water-based acrylics and renewable thermosets, proven to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

Our wide range of adhesive materials are supported by versatile curing options, including heat-cure, instant, anaerobic, moisture, ultraviolet, thermal, dual-cure adhesion and more – providing long-term performance under robust and varying conditions, such as temperature and cure times.

From an assembly perspective, our solutions enable a wide variety of substrate bonding, including varying steel grades, aluminum, composites, rubber, glass and more. Additionally, we offer varied dispensing methods for application flexibility & efficiency including pumpable, hand-applied, brushable, paintable, and wipeable.

Our broad curing, application, and performance capabilities means we have a portfolio ideally suited to meet the unique needs presented by electric vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – including specialized adhesives that accommodate low temperature processing with rapid UV cure, thermal materials for temperature stability, die attach adhesives with low chip warpage, multi-metal wire compatibility, and much more.

Automotive Component Solutions

Adhesives for automotive bonding and other applications are essential across different assembly areas. Whether needed for automotive lighting, gasketinginterior, exterior, electronics, powertrain, or chassis applications, Henkel has the automotive adhesive and sealant materials that meet your needs. 

Henkel’s automotive interior and exterior solutions include a range of bonding and sealing adhesive solutions that are essential for the assembly operations. This includes specialized automotive adhesives that are highly suited for both plastic to metal and rubber to metal substrates, as well as automotive moulding adhesives for composite applications. 

Henkel’s product solutions also encompass body frames. Our automotive adhesive solutions for chassis applications help to reduce weight, cut costs, and improve performance. Additionally, our sealing solutions for automotive powertrains help to further the performance of these essential systems while protecting it from environmental pressures. 

Lastly, Henkel’s automotive experts are also helping to drive innovation in lighting and electronic components and devices. Henkel’s automotive lighting and electronics are and enable new advancements that greatly enhance the overall performance and safety of vehicles. 


Advancements in E-mobility are growing at a rapid pace which necessitates the development of high-performance materials that enable new technology. From thermal management materials to gasketing and retaining solutions for the electric drive system, Henkel is helping to drive E-mobility innovations. 

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Automotive Aftermarket

The automotive aftermarket requires a diverse set of materials to effectively carry out a range of repair processes. Henkel has an extensive portfolio of automotive aftermarket materials that meet the high requirements of this industry. 

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Automotive Manufacturing Solutions for the Vehicle Body

Automotive manufacturing applications require a diverse set of materials that help strengthen the automotive body while reducing weight and increasing safety. Henkel’s automotive adhesive materials include structural adhesives, inserts, tapes, as well as panel reinforcements and NVH sealants. Discover our specific automotive manufacturing product solutions below.

Material Solutions for the Vehicle Body in White

The disruptive innovation in today’s automotive market means material solutions for the body in white must meet a wide variety of competing needs, while streamlining manufacturing processes, reducing cost, and delivering improved automotive sustainability.

Henkel’s body in white solutions help to:

  • Offset the added weight of the vehicle battery and electronics, without sacrificing performance and crash standards.
  • Reduce use of water, energy, and harmful by-products while delivering high performance.
  • Ensure lifetime reliability and protection from environmental elements that can reduce reliability and lead to increased warranty claims.
  • Deliver a comfortable driving experience through improving NVH performance.

Learn more about our solutions for the body shop, paint shop and trim shop.

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Learn more about our key technologies and application areas throughout the vehicle body.

Structural Solutions

Henkel’s epoxy-based structural solutions enable vehicle weight savings, while delivering equivalent or improved crash, strength, and performance results.

Acoustic & Sealant Solutions

Body Shop Applications

Henkel’s acoustic and sealant solutions applied in the body shop increase passenger comfort by blocking or deadening noise throughout key areas of the vehicle. Body shop sealers provide added protection against additional environmental elements, such as water, dirt, and dust.

Paint Shop Applications

Henkel’s paint shop sealants ensure long-term durability and protection from a range of environmental elements, while enabling appearance, paintability, and evenness across interior and exterior seams.

Metal Pretreatment Solutions

Henkel offers robust metal pretreatment capabilities, with strong paint adhesion and performance across all common substrates, with application up to 100 percent aluminum using the BONDERITE® Thin Film process.

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