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LOCTITE® Instant Component Bonding Solutions Help Solves Today's Assembly Challenges

Slowdowns in production. Bonds that don't hold over the long-term. Extra steps and materials in the assembly process, such as complicated mechanical fasteners. No thank you. LOCTITE® has targeted your manufacturing challenges for decades, and we have worked continually to provide better—and faster—solutions.

Today, our portfolio of trusted instant component bonding solutions is led by the newest and our best yet: LOCTITE 402™, an ultra-performance instant adhesive that has been tested against competitive adhesives to address speed, heat and bonding versatility in a single product. It joins a lineup of our already proven instant bonding solutions, cleaners and automation equipment. All offered to make sure our solutions lead to incredible results.


Trying is believing. Let us send a sample of new LOCTITE 402™ at no cost, so you can experience the advantages firsthand.

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An instant can change everything

We know that every second matters.

The world moves at a quick pace, and manufacturing moves even faster.

Watch and see how LOCTITE® is able to help you speed up, boost reliability and remove complicated steps. In an instant.



Products with handling strength up to 2x faster on most substrates* and that automate easily.


Adhesives that take the heat with heat-aging resistance up to 275°F/135°C.


Options delivering high-bond strength to a wide range of materials including hard-to-bond substrates.

*Tested versus select current instant adhesive solutions.

Bolts vs. Bonds:
See what's stronger

We know you have plenty of ways to assemble components. As you consider the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative, understanding the advantages of adhesives over traditional methods will help you make a strong choice.

Watch and learn!

New and improved instant adhesive solutions

More safety. Zero compromises

Introducing the latest innovation from Henkel - a line of upgraded instant adhesives and accelerators that improve occupational safety through a reduction in hazardous chemicals. This innovation combines upgraded formulations with the high quality and reliability for which the LOCTITE® brand is known.

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