Listen to Your Equipment’s Heartbeat

LOCTITE Pulse is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solution designed to contribute to your plant's reliability. Once the LOCTITE Pulse sensors are installed at your critical equipment, they continuously capture data about its health status. 

After analyzing and transmitting the data to the cloud the easy-to-use LOCTITE Pulse web-app notifies you about irregularities on your industrial assets detected by the LOCTITE Pulse solution. Thereby it supports your existing control mechanism in order to increase plant safety, productivity and uptime. Across multiple assets and manufacturing brands - in one single platform!

Enter a New Era of Maintenance

Maintenance Efforts

Reduce manual inspections and repair efforts.

Identify and
Solve Problems

Use data analysis to increase plant efficiency.

Scale With

Scale across multiple assets easily.

Make Your Plant More

Quick detection of asset failure allows for reduction of impacts to the environment.

Our Smart Solutions

With LOCTITE Pulse you can check on the status of your plant's assets anywhere, at any time. Find out how our solutions can make your business more sustainable, cost efficient and safer.

LOCTITE®Pulse Smart Flange

With our LOCTITE Pulse Smart Flange solution you can remotely monitor critical assets to detect and contain early leakages and help prevent critical incidents.

LOCTITE®Pulse Smart Steam Trap

With our LOCTITE Pulse Smart Steam Trap solution, you can continuously monitor your asset status and increase the probability of detecting failures early, thereby minimizing energy loss and CO2 emmisions.

The LOCTITE®Pulse Set-up

LOCTITE Pulse is a scalable end-to-end solution to monitor your equipment and reduce unplanned downtime. The solution fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and can easily be scaled to meet growing demands.


Data Transmission and Analysis

  • INDEPENDENT: Independent of local network thanks to cellular communication
  • ROBUST: Robust design for indoor and outdoor use
  • SAFE: ATEX protection

Provision of Information Optimized for User Needs

  • INDEPENDENT: Web-based platform independent of end device or operating system
  • ONE-STOP SOURCE: All LOCTITE Pulse solutions are integrated into one system
  • ACCESSIBLE: Access the app and information from anywhere
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Simple and intuitive handling

Take a Closer Look at the LOCTITE®Pulse Web App

Fits Any Device

LOCTITE Pulse web-app can be accessed from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Asset Status Monitoring

Always-on monitoring of your critical assets in a single platform.

Sensor Data

Use sensors and data analytics to limit safety risk and increase plant efficiency.


Receive notifications when an action is required.


Document maintenance tasks or manually update asset conditions.

Reasons to Choose LOCTITE®Pulse

Our goal is to work with you to ensure equipment reliability and beat downtime. What do we contribute to this collaboration?

Expertise and Experience

Decades of experience in the chemical industry meet digital expertise.


Retrofit-capable and OEM-independent solutions.

IoT as a Service

Providing you with an end-to-end solution for your automated maintenance.

Innovative Technology

Novel technologies that create real added value.

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