Advances in LED lighting have created opportunities for extremely efficient and versatile lighting fixtures, and Henkel is committed to enabling creative and sustainable lighting solutions across multiple markets. With a diverse toolkit of cutting-edge materials to address lighting design, manufacturing and in-use challenges — whether it is illuminating streets, buildings, stadiums, airports, factories or horticulture — Henkel has a broad materials portfolio to ensure simplified processing and high performance. Our product range offers novel thermal management, electronics protection, bonding, sealing and interconnect solutions to equip designers and manufacturers with materials that allow for the production of sustainable lighting for diverse applications.

Henkel's Adhesive Solutions for Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are built completely around LED technology for the most efficiency and longevity. The heart of a fixture is a “light-engine” – an array of LED sources — built on customized printed circuit boards (PCBs) for peak thermo-mechanical performance and designed with specialized optics for the most efficient and location-specific lighting.

Henkel offers a complete line of products for light engines including:

Henkel Adhesive Solutions for Retrofit Lighting

Retrofit lighting solutions are LED sources made to work within existing sockets and lighting infrastructures. While they do not take full advantage of the efficiency provided by certain lighting fixtures, they nevertheless provide energy savings and tunable light sources at a lower cost. Henkel materials for retrofit LED lighting offer thermal control to reduce functional interruption from overheating, electrical interconnect materials for robust continuous use, and tapes and adhesives for reliable bonding and durability. 

Henkel Adhesive Solutions for LED Drivers

Connectors and printed circuit boards (PCBs) provide the basis for electrical function.  PCBs span a range of complexity – from simple single- and double-sided substrates to multilayered, and from rigid to flexible. With every advance achieved in electronic products, the PCB and its assembled components are impacted. Henkel’s expansive range of PCB assembly materials includes bonding, connecting and protection formulations that enable electrical operation and offer safeguarding for durable performance, regardless of the challenges that increasingly complex designs, densities and end uses dictate.   

Henkel Adhesive Solutions for Other Lighting Applications

Looking for a different lighting application? Henkel offers a broad array of products, backed by world-class technical and customer service, for the design or manufacture of a light source for any application. Contact us for insights on how to make these new designs a reality.

Resources for Lighting

Brochure: LED Thermal Solutions

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