We know the challenges facing vehicle repair professionals. Our automotive aftermarket product solutions include more than 500 specifications, many of which are OEM-approved, of adhesives, gasketing materials, threadlockers, and sealants, that are preferred around the world for more than 65 years. Our goal is your goal: faster repair times, reduced downtime, reliable repairs, and extended vehicle life, all while maintaining high safety standards.

Henkel specializes in producing high-quality automotive maintenance and repair products. These products are trusted by professionals everywhere, from automotive manufacturers to high performance motorsports. Reliability has been in our roots and Henkel has been consistently adding innovative products with new capabilities that provide the perfect solutions to your problems. We're here to help you do the job right the first time, every time.

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Automotive Aftermarket Solutions

At Henkel, we manufacture and market more than just quality products, we also provide high performance repair solutions for mechanical, OES, and collision repair applications. We develop our LOCTITE® automotive aftermarket products to provide reliable and durable results so they work properly the first time, every time. Our automotive repair adhesives and threadlocking materials provide excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates while our automotive maintenance products keep your vehicles in prime working condition. All this provides peace of mind that the repair job will last. Henkel offers automotive aftermarket products solutions for most systems and components, including the following applications:

  • Engine Solutions
  • Brake System Solutions
  • Transmission Solutions
  • Suspension Solutions
  • Differential Solutions
  • Collision Repair Solutions

Mechanical Solutions

Henkel’s portfolio of threadlockers, thread sealants, gasketing materials, grease, cleaners, and anti-seize lubricants offer reliable solutions for several different automotive aftermarket applications that target mechanical systems.

In addition to automotive applications, our Henkel mechanical solutions include product formulations designed for heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles, marine applications, and more. If it runs and drives, we can fix it!

Find out more below about our specific product solutions in different areas: engines, brake systems, transmissions, suspension, and differential.

Collison Repair Solutions

Henkel’s TEROSON® brand offers high-quality bonding, sealing, coating, and reinforcing solutions for collision repair applications. Our fast curing and easy-to-apply repair material solutions include underbody coating, chip guard materials, cavity wax, seam sealers, and auto body repair panel adhesives. Not only does the TEROSON® brand provide the products, but also equipment and accessories to help collision repair professionals save valuable time and resources.

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OEM Requests

If you have any questions regarding LOCTITE® or TEROSON® OEM specifications, please contact our technical team or sales reps and we would be happy to provide more information. For any urgent questions please call us at 1-800-LOCTITE.

Automotive Aftermarket Success Stories

See how LOCTITE® has secured success for some of industry’s biggest challenges.

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