The aviation industry is committed to delivering sustainable products and services to meet strict regulations and requirements. The developments of aircraft manufacturers have been increasingly focusing on sustainable growth and responsible business practices. Among others, most of these efforts are in the field of safety and efficiency. Within the frame of efficiency, aircraft manufacturers recognize their roles in reducing the global environmental footprint of the aviation sector.

Aerospace manufacturers have been implementing new technologies, designs and materials aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and being compliant with internationally recognized industry standards. It starts with using the right raw materials that will be used in the assembly lines and extends to the most efficient production technology within the value chain. This means that the whole chain of suppliers needs to reach state-of-the-art technology along with a very high level of efficiency.

Sustainability: Our commitment to the aviation industry

We strongly believe in empowering manufacturers to explore sustainable technologies. By 2030, our company's goal is to become three times more efficient. Throughout Henkel’s 142-year history, developing the business responsibly and sustainably has been a foundational pillar of the company.

Henkel actively supports the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were adopted by the 193 United Nations Member States in September 2015. The SDGs represent an important step toward a shared understanding of the challenges that we need to tackle worldwide to enable sustainable development. 

Our solutions provide aircraft manufacturers with efficiency and sustainability throughout the value chain. Henkel's new Adhesive Technologies plant for aerospace applications in Montornès del Vallès, Spain is a great example of how we solidify our role as a sustainability leader. 

We range from high energy efficiency to renewable energy. We range from water saving to the reuse of water. We minimize waste. The combined energy efficiency in our new plant will lead it to a great step towards becoming a carbon neutral facility. And all of this aligns with Henkel’s long-term vision to becoming a climate positive company and encapsulates our commitment to responsible practices.

Author: Burcu Aslanyurek

Business Development Manager Europe

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