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Welcome to the world of LOCTITE® adhesives, where we redefine the meaning of performance.
Our cutting-edge adhesives deliver exceptional bonding strength, durability, and reliability, ensuring your products can withstand the test of time.

Are you ready for the Power of Possibility?

Together we surpass expectations, ignite innovation and cultivate growth.
We power industry by providing strength and reliability in every bond.
Together, we push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We love machines that build up our world. We help you build them better and keep them running. Which is why machines love Loctite.

Haven’t used adhesives yet in
the context of your job?

Let us guide you through
how simple it can be.

The most common bonding needs can be tackled using just a few LOCTITE® products.

Tell Us What You Do...

...and we’ll show you a LOCTITE® solution designed specifically for you.

Not Sure if an Adhesive is the
Right Solution For You?

Find out how LOCTITE® tests adhesives to make sure
they meet your specific requirements.

Do you need to know more?

Powering possibilities through
empowering women.

Are you a woman in an industry
dominated by men?

LOCTITE empowers women to work as a team and champion each other so that we can perform beyond obvious possibilities together.
We treasure women in our organisation!

Watch how LOCTITE women empower and champion each
other, making LOCTITE a great brand to work for.

Share your story of how other women have empowered you.

Health & Safety at your workplace

Henkel is constantly working on improving the sustainability of the Loctite product portfolio, as well as on making our processes and product packages more environmentally friendly and our business practices more sustainable.

Discover more:

We care about contributing to the more sustainable world. Did you know?

We are changing the packaging of our thread-sealing cord, LOCTITE®55, to be more environmentally friendly.
The new packaging will be fully recyclable, made with 70% recycled materials, and will be rolled out in 2024.

Bonded Through Shared Values

We partner with like-minded companies who care about sustainable future.

Discover how LOCTITE® products power possibilities
for the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team.