Features and Benefits

Thread sealing cord, which provides immediate full pressure sealing and allows for re-adjustments.
LOCTITE® 55 is a general-purpose thread-sealing cord designed for sealing threaded metal and plastic pipes and fittings. It’s the ideal choice for a quick, easy and reliable seal on hot, cold and drinking water and gas (LPG) or hydrogen applications. Resists temperatures up to 149°C (300°F). Unlike PTFE tape, LOCTITE 55 offers versatility on installation by allowing pipe joints to be re-adjusted up to 45 degrees without any risk of shredding or leakage.
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Technical Information

Agency approvals / certificates / specifications DVGW, KTW, NSF, WRAS
Applications Thread sealing
Color White
Operating temperature -55.0 - 150.0 °C (-65.0 - 300.0 °F )