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LOCTITE 5189 – A common success of our partnership with Ford

Our Challenge

New engine development effort is geared not only to generating high performance with reduced fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions, but also to achieve more compact dimensions. The general trend for compact yet high power engines has resulted in very highly stressed engine joints. Working in conjunction with Ford Motor Company, Henkel was asked to develop a gasketing compound with high flexibility and blow out resistance.

Our Contribution

Henkel has developed a new, exceptionally flexible liquid sealant for use in sealing the cam caps on the 1.0 liter EcoBoost at Ford “Engine of the Year”. Ford’s corporate mission includes ensuring products like LOCTITE 5189 liquid sealant are used as extensively and as uniformly as possible in all the company’s production facilities. Henkel is ideally qualified to support this approach by ensuring that LOCTITE products are available in consistent quality worldwide.


Henkel’s solution with LOCTITE 5189 is approved for different Ford engines and offers:

  • Robust sealing solution for high volume engine manufacturing
  • Short curing time and excellent adhesion to metallic surfaces, particularly aluminum
  • Eliminating the cost of extensive manual rework
  • Substantial reductions in both reject rates and operating costs
  • Comprehensive support ranging from advice on product design to performance and
    quality testing of new designs in Henkel’s Garching facility near Munich (Germany)