Get access to unrivalled expertise and experience with Henkel consulting and training services. No matter your industry, our expert consultants analyze your business’ processes and needs to recommend ways to make them more efficient, cost effective and sustainable, as well as empowering your staff with the knowledge they need to be productive and impactful. 

With Henkel consulting and training services, you can: 

  • Access expert insights through on-site visits and surveys
  • Learn how to choose the right tool for any task
  • Discover new production methods
  • Provide your staff with the training they need

Choose the right tool for the job, upskill your staff, or design and refine processes along your production line. Position yourself to succeed with consulting and training services from Henkel.


LOCTITE® Training and Consulting Services

Our expertise and experience makes Henkel a world leader in adhesive technologies. Now you can access this insight to overcome your business’ challenges. 

Benefit from consulting and industrial training services tailored to your requirements. Whatever your industry, our experienced and knowledgeable teams partner with you to define your processes, employ safe and effective ways of working and reduce downtime. 


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Industrial Training Statistics

Discover more about the global training market with our insights into the latest worldwide trends and statistics in the industry.

Discover Our Consultation Services

Tap into Henkel’s extensive knowledge base, and make the most of our years of industry-leading experience to help shape your business. Our services include:

In-plant Surveys and Consultations

Reduce downtime in your production plants, make efficiency gains and lower the cost of operations with Henkel industrial consultation services. 

Find the:

  • Right adhesive for your product development
  • Best thermal management solution for your machinery

Or get answers to your questions with a professional consultation.

Our data-led analyses of your current processes include recommendations to create cost-efficient operations. 

Design and refine your processes with a Henkel consultation to ensure they’re:

  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Flawless, with an efficient workflow

Once you have implemented a new strategy, our technical support team can provide further advice and solutions for any unexpected challenges you encounter.


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Design Solutions

Give your designers and engineers access to our expert consultants. They work with your staff to help define bespoke integrated solutions that are both cost-efficient and suitable for high-volume production.

At our industrial design consultancy centers, we make recommendations, as well as stress test and optimize solutions before you put them into practice at your business.


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Maintenance and Assembly Solutions

Unscheduled maintenance or repairs can cost millions in lost productivity and missed deadlines. 

Mitigate against this risk with the help of our maintenance and assembly experts. Proactive maintenance and repair strategies can reduce the cost of machinery to your business and extend product life with optimized assembly methods.


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Fill in the form or call 1-800-LOCTITE for more information on our range of industrial consultation and in-plant survey services.

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Explore Our Training Services

Ensure your team has the knowledge they need to do their job well. Improve productivity, ensure correct product use and reduce downtime across your operations with LOCTITE® maintenance and repair best practice tips. 

Our years of experience across industries can help your team learn with hands-on industrial training and e-learning opportunities, from MRO maintenance training to manufacturing-centric OEM training. 

Our world-class training services include:

On-site Training

Upskill your team with hands-on training in their workplace. Our experts can teach your employees everything they need to reduce downtime and improve plant productivity. 

Access workshops that show your employees how to utilize adhesives and other LOCTITE® products in real-world scenarios. Or teach them new methods of production in your own plant to aid understanding. 


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LOCTITE® Xplore E-learning

Send your employees to the virtual classroom to improve their skills with adhesive application, process optimization and more. Our new online learning platform, LOCTITE® Xplore, awaits.  

Assembly, maintenance and vehicle repair professionals can enroll in various training courses that are all free of charge. Learn at a time and place that’s convenient for them.

The e-learning portal is built on strong foundations, with an accumulated 65 years of industry experience feeding in. Courses range from how to avoid threaded assembly failures to how to install a windscreen safely. 


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