BONDERITE® Adhesion Promoter No Rinse (APNR)

The APNR Booster - The most economical way to improve the paint corrosion performance of your metal conversion line with the minimum space requirements

Corrosion resistance of painted parts depends on many factors: substrate, pretreatment, water quality, paint quality, polymerization and line setup & layout. Improving the performance of short (3 – 4 stage) metal pretreatment lines typically requires significant plant investment.

To avoid those investment costs Henkel has developed BONDERITE® E-AP APNR (Adhesion Promoter No Rinse), offering a unique combination of  equipment and chemistry. The system is based on a misting device that applies a solution (the adhesion promoter) to substrates, without any requirements for rinsing. It improves the capabilities of the line by depositing the solution on parts at the end of the pretreatment process, increasing the corrosion resistance significantly: improvement up to 3-4 times (compared to Iron Phosphate). For galvanized material an even more impressive improvement can be achieved.


  • No requirement for additional space: the application is done by misting after the final stage, using misting nozzles
  • No heating: APNR works at room temperature
  • No bath monitoring needed: always fresh chemistry is misted on parts
  • Improved paint adhesion and corrosion performance
  • Allowing short plants to make full use of the performance characteristics from New Generation Conversion systems
  • High flexibility, since it is suitable for various processes
  • Low investment and installation costs

Equipment BONDERITE® Tutorial Video - APNR Panel

Equipment BONDERITE® Tutorial Video - APNR Static Mixer Maintenance

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