By combining alternative and traditional sources of energy, innovators are addressing the demands of unprecedented power consumption in more sustainable and efficient ways. The goal to provide cleaner energy while balancing the requirement for uninterrupted access to power is driving efforts for novel device designs, the use of new semiconductor materials and reimagined system architectures to efficiently capture and convert electrical energy into useful power.

On-demand performance and long-term reliability are minimum expectations for next-generation power systems, while cost effectiveness and process efficiency remain central manufacturing ambitions. Henkel is helping today’s power engineering innovators realize their objectives with state-of-the-art formulations that provide thermal management in power electronics to control heat, protect electronics, safeguard devices from extreme environments and stress, and enable continuous, reliable operation. You’ll find our solutions in applications like solar panels, wind farms and EV charging stations, just to name a few. 

Discover how Henkel’s innovative and reliable power generation and conversion solutions are being used in the power sector industry. Our range of durable material solutions are essential components for bonding and protecting power electronics applications, as well as thermal management.

Power Conversion

As the demand for alternative energy continues to grow, power conversion and storage solutions are necessary to harness the energy being generated by renewable sources such as solar and wind. In order to meet these needs, highly innovative power electronics are being developed that require thermal management and protective materials so they can function reliably in even the harshest environments. As a global leader in bonding, protecting and thermal materials, Henkel offers a broad portfolio of solutions to meet both current and future power conversion needs.

Solar Energy

As a trusted partner in sustainable material solutions, Henkel provides dependable and innovative products that help improve efficiency and extend the lifetime of the electrical components used to generate and convert solar energy as well as protect against and reduce damage caused by environmental contaminants.

Wind Energy

By understanding the challenges and needs of manufacturers in the wind energy sector, our extensive portfolio is designed to provide reliable materials that meet rigorous safety standards as well as help reduce costs. With our many years of experience in providing high quality and dependable materials, Henkel offers advanced material solutions that includes adhesive and thermal formulations to protect fragile components from environmental contaminants and temperatures.

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