A new level of food safety and efficiency in end of line packaging

TECHNOMELT Supra Pro includes Henkel’s innovative high-performance hot melt adhesives for food safe packaging – it is our response to consumer as well as food industry demands. Henkel’s new product range helps packaging suppliers, food producers and retailers to increase consumer confidence in the safety of their products and is a step change in production efficiency. The food grade glue range serves a variety of application areas, including high speed, low temperature and demanding substrate needs.

Henkel has expanded its Food Contact Statements for these products by including additional qualitative and quantitative tests for mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH), proving safety within this contentious topic of discussion.

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TECHNOMELT Supra Pro hot melt adhesives

Watch the video to learn more about processing benefits and food safety features of the TECHNOMELT Supra Pro series.

TECHNOMELT Supra Pro advantages

High performance hot melt adhesives for food packaging applications

The TECHNOMELT Supra Pro series combines food safety with outstanding processing benefits such as:

  • Clean machine running and non-stringing properties
  • High machine speeds
  • Higher heat resistance and optimal thermal stability
  • Efficient with free-flowing granules for automatic feeding
  • Sustainable through lowest temperature and low application weight
  • Operator safety due to lowest application temperature

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