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Merkmale und Vorteile

Window replacement kit with PU adhesive and all required accessories for replacing vehicle windows (not including glass).
TEROSON® PU 8596 SET is a kit containing a black, smooth, sag-resistant direct glazing polyurethane adhesive. Other parts of the kit are primer, an applicator (old), red pre-cut DGX-nozzle, cutting wire, cleaning tissue, abrasive pad, spacers and instructions. The kit is used for the bonding of front, rear and side screens to the body of motor-, utility-, special- and rail vehicles.
  • Very good sag resistance
  • High cure rate
  • Supplied as a kit
  • High elastic and shear strength, even after aging
  • High UV resistance in connection with primer/activator
  • Good adhesion to the remaining material
  • Excellent adhesion to glass, glass with the ceramic coating, encapsulation and to painted surfaces when combined with a primer/activator
  • Solvent and PVC-free

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