Merkmale und Vorteile

Polychloroprene beige adhesive that bonds a variety of different materials to themselves and one another.
TEROSON® SB 2168 is a beige, polychloroprene contact adhesive for general purpose applications. This solvent-based product has excellent initial adhesion and the ability to bond different substrates to themselves and one another, including wood, various plastics, metals, and felts. Viscosity is 2,300 mPa·s.
  • Excellent initial adhesion
  • Bonds different materials to themselves and one another
  • Suitable materials include wood, various plastics, metals and felts

Technische Informationen

Farbe Braun: Beige
Haupteigenschaften Universeller Einsatz, Geruch: Lösungsmittelgeruch
Material Metall, Kunststoff, Holz
Technologie Polychloropren
Trockenstoffgehalt 22.6 %