Bekannt als ALODINE 1132 TOUCH-N-PREP

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BONDERITE M-CR 1132 AERO, metal pre-treatment
BONDERITE® M-CR 1132 AERO pen is designed to save labor, material, and time when applying a dry-inplace military specification approved chromate conversion coating for touch-up applications. Its proper use also reduces worker contact to chromating solutions and waste, such as rinse water generated from a chromating process. Before starting the application procedure it is necessary to become familiar with the mechanics of the pen itself.
  • Easy to use, cost-effective touch-up and repair applicator that is designed to save labor, material, and time.
  • Only non-rinsing, dry-in-place technology available, allowing treatment without the need for rinsing with water
  • Provides excellent paint adhesion and painted corrosion resistance
  • Contains sufficient solution to treat up to 50 sq. ft. (4.6 sq. m)

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1. Remove

Remove the cap

2. Change

Remove the existing tip

3. Replace

Insert replacement tip.

4. Hold

Holding the Touch-N-Prep® pen upright, press and hold the pen tip down on the surface.

5. Apply

Apply BONDERITE® pen solution to the aluminum surface.

6. Discard

Discard the replacement tip after use and cap the Touch-N-Prep

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