Whatever the weather

Outdoor furniture manufacturer Fermob’s sleek designs are everywhere, from New York’s summer sidewalks to the cold winter pavements of Paris. Their stylish paint finish stays pristine against all the elements – thanks to an innovative coating technology from BONDERITE®.

Fermob is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of durable, outdoor furniture. One of their designs is the classic ‘Bistro Chair’, which has been a feature of classy outdoor cafes for over 125 years. A product with such a proud history needs to remain as durable as possible, whatever the weather.

In its ongoing search for a solution to this challenge, Fermob turned to Henkel. A new generation of coating technologies under the BONDERITE® brand is now supporting Fermob in its aims to continue creating more customer value.

The new coating technology was introduced to Fermob, matching the customer specific requirements. It is a high quality innovation that accelerates the production process and protects Fermob’s famous metal designs from the wear and tear that often damages outdoor furniture. Research has shown that the new process can improve protection against corrosion by almost one third.

Sustainability is also a key factor in creating value for Fermob. BONDERITE® M-NT20120 allows the customer to keep its coating process phosphate free, enabling it to offer high quality through an environmentally compatible process. This added aspect of sustainability is very important for Fermob. Its facilities use solvent-free powder paints to produce 250 different pieces of furniture in 25 different colors. With Henkel’s solvent-free coating solution, it is able to safeguard the health of its employees – as well as the environment.

By reducing waste and maintaining high quality while battling the elements, Henkel has once again offered a customer a better solution than it could find anywhere else. Most importantly, the customer is happy. “We see a real increase in performance and we met our environmental objectives,” says Philippe Jousse Deputy General Director of Fermob.

The benefits of BONDERITE® MN-T

  • BONDERITE® M-NT20120 adds a thin, sealed layer to non-painted surfaces
  • The coating prevents corrosion from environmental factors and improves significantly paint adhesion
  • The phosphate-free process means less waste and improved sustainability

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