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Phase change thermal interface materials (TIMs) are an effective alternative to thermal greases, saving time and money without sacrificing thermal performance. The no mess-thixotropic characteristics keep phase change material from flowing out of the interface during operating temperatures, but are a solid at room temperature and easy to handle.

HI-FLOW phase change materials are an excellent replacement for grease as a thermal interface between a CPU or power device and a heat sink. The materials change from a solid at specific phase change temperatures and flow to provide a total wet-out of the interface without overflow. The result is a thermal interface comparable to grease, without the mess, contamination and hassle.

The HI-FLOW family of phase change TIMs covers a wide range of applications. Henkel’s BERGQUIST brand offers leading thermal management solutions. Our technical experts work closely with customers to select the proper HI-FLOW material for specific application requirements.

HI-FLOW Phase Change Materials

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